Monday, February 15, 2010

Ski Trip - Takeoff

I'm a picture fanatic. I love to take pictures to capture everything. Printing out the pictures andputting them into albums is a whole other story, but I love taking the actual pictures.

Chris and I got to the airport, and I wanted to take a 'before the trip' picture while we were waiting in the terminal. Chris sometimes is a little stubborn when it comes to pictures, but for the most part, he plays along nicely. I can't just rag on him without saying my shortcomings, so in all honesty, I'm a little bit of a control freak in how I want the picture taken.

I do not like pictures taken from straight on or down below when it's a monkey arm shot. I have a bird face, and I don't like when the angle of the shot either makes me look like I have 3 chins or a witch nose. Chris decided that he wanted to take our 'self portrait' and kept clicking away and kept saying 'smile' in the middle of my sentences. He'd check the picture, see it was bad, and say smile again without adjusting anything.

Next time he turned the camera to look at it, this is what he saw:

Sigh...the love we have for one another...

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