Monday, February 22, 2010

Ski Trip - Day 4: Breckenridge

Day 4 was spent at Chris and I's trusty snowboarding mountain, Breckenridge. Chris decided that he was going back to Breckenridge ninja style. Not only did Jennifer, Brett, and I tell him he looked like a ninja, the guys at the bottom of the lifts kept asking him "Whatup Ninja Warrior?!". He wore black pants, a black jacket, a black face mask (it was coooold), and a red beanie. The red beanie was key in spotting him on the slopes!

I managed to have another successful day of riding, so my confidence was pretty much back 100%. All of the mountains over there did have a 'snow drought' while we were there, so there were quite a few ice patches/tree brances, etc. to watch out for. We pretty much found the good peaks that had the most snow on them and stuck with those runs for the whole day, with one exception. Brett told us not to head to peak 10 because it was so windy, and the wind had blown all of the snow off of the mountain. We had so much fun there a few years ago, that Chris couldn't resist and we headed there anyways. After making it down the cliffs of ice, we decided we'd listen to Brett next time!

We wound up splitting up for the day and meeting back at lunch, and then apres skiing it at Mi Casa afterwards. It was a cold cold day in Breckenridge, so getting in the warmth for awhile was awesome! I think with the wind chill, the temp was 0. Yep, zero. We took a walk around the town after happy hour. As we were walking back to the truck, we spotted this fox right along the bank of the parking lot. We didn't get the best picture of him (just had my point and shoot...and it was dark), but he was still pretty cool!

I'll close with some pics of us throughout the day. Happy Monday!

Me, upright!

Yes...I can snowboard again!!!

Chris trying to mimic me and my 2 thumbs up!

Chris: "Did you get the picture babe?!"

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  1. Love these shots!! Lol, my husband loves Breckenridge, but I'm jealous because I've yet to join him in the fun!

  2. lol-great shots! we love skiing "out west" :) each winter, but have yet to hit beckenridge... what fun, especially to think about this {100 degree] time of year!

  3. Love the photos! Maybe the 'Ninja Warrior' will be screaming down some of these great Tree Runs next winter!

    Thanks again for riding with us! Hope to see you soon!


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