Saturday, February 20, 2010


Jenny became one of my best friends our freshman year in college. We went to high school together, and at the very end of our senior year started sort of being friends, but we were inseparable for most of our college days.

Jenny taught me that being a complete goof ball isn't dumb, it's fun. She taught me to dance and sing when I feel like it. She taught me that it's possible to laugh so hard in one day that your cheeks are sore for the next week. She taught me to not care what others think, just be me.

She's such a great person, and I love her to death!!! Hope you have a great one Jenny!!! Thanks for being there for me throughout the life is much better with you in it! I miss you tons!!!! Have fun today at Jimmy Buffett (I figured the pirate pic of you was semi-appropriate for that)!


  1. The non-derelict DadFebruary 21, 2010 at 11:24 AM

    I gave up on your friends being innocent a long LONG time ago. Once you flew the coop and went off to college, you lost the positive influence that I had brought to you throughout your childhood. Then you just sort of became a derelict ... and seemed to drag all your friends down with you.


    Not complaining, mind you. It makes for some good entertainment watching derelicts party together`!


    Happy Birthday Jenny ...




    ... you derelict! :)

  2. Thanks!! Love you and miss you! See you this weekend :-)


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