Friday, February 5, 2010

P.S. For Gold Plate

Just to elaborate on how big of an accomplishment the gold plate is...

Our group is called the Electronic Center of Excellence. In it, there are 816 people all over the world. Of those 816 people, 84 got nominated for the Outstanding Engineer award. Of the 84 nominations, 18 total people, from all of the sites, received the award. GO CHRIS!!!

Yep, I married a superstar!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Dad (the one and only)February 6, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    For a moment there I thought this might be a really big achievement. But then I got to the part where he was only 1 of 18, and I realized it wasn't so much of a superstar award as a supernerd.

    Still nothing to sneeze at, I suppose. Particularly if your nose is full of snot. Gets a bit too messy in that case. Plus I guess when you get tired of being a supernerd you can always melt the plaque down and get probably 23 cents from the local pawn shop.

    And btw ... I used to have a pink cup too.


    But I had to get rid of in when I got to junior high and the other guys in the locker room started laughing at me.


    Besides which ... by the time I got to highschool, it was way too small for me anyway!!!


    OK ... back to work. Love ya - Dad

    PS ... anybody ever tell you that you've got a big f'ing potty mouth! :)

  2. Well I was going to say something smart-assed about how I can't wait to see your soccer mom van when you have 5 kids and they're all honors students wherever, but your dad's comment had me laughing too hard to make any sense.

  3. They'll be a sticker on the back of that van that says "I have 5 honor role students ...

    ... and a turd for a Dad."


    Truth be told, I think she's just going to be jealous when she reads my comment.


    I'm pretty sure Chris isn't man enough to wear a pink cup. :)

  4. I think the sticker is just going to say "My Dad is a big BUTTHEAD".


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