Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ski Trip - Day 2: Blizzard, where aaaare you?!

We woke up on day 2, got dressed, and headed to the rental store. The guy behind the counter almost looked embarassed that they had rented me out such garbage equipment (not embarassed enough to give us any sort of refund), and told us that we could come back after 4 and he'd have nicer gear waiting for me, and put Chris's gear aside so we didn't have to pay for that days use. Perfect!

Back at the condo, Chris did some school work, I finished my book I'd been reading on the plane, and Jennifer spent the morning doing some work (on VACATION...that's sac-religious in my book!). Poor Brett headed off to the slopes all by his lonesome.

Because the blizzard was supposed to be there by noon, at about 10 a.m, Chris and I headed outside to the hottub (we had to take our 'beanies and bikinis' picture too). It was such a beautiful and sunny day, and the hottub felt awesome on my sore legs / shins. We came in, ate some lunch, and then I headed back out to the hot tub again for my legs at about 1230. No blizzard, or even one single snow flake fell while I was out there. Realizing that I was starting to actually get sunburnt (during the supposid blizzard), I came inside. Chris finished up his school work for the day and we took a walk around Keystone to see all of the different stores and sights. We did not see one ounce of snow fall...not one single flake, the entire day. I actually think day 2 was the most beautiful day of the whole trip.

That night, after picking up new, non-ghetto gear for me, we decided that we'd head to Vail for day 3. Chris and I had never actually been there, we have somehow managed to just get in a routine of Breckenridge, Breckenridge, Breckenridge, so we went to bed excited for what day 3 would bring (without my ghetto gear!!).

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