Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ski Trip - Day 3: Helloooo Vail!

We got up early on day 3 and headed over to Vail with my new, non-ghetto, gear. The boys made a silly decision in thinking that it'd be okay for our boots to ride in he back of the truck on the drive over. They were frozen.

After we thawed our boots in the bathroom, we headed to the slopes. Jennifer and I, much to the boys dismay, kept singing 'today's gonna be a good good day' (Black Eyed Peas, slight modification to day from night). By the end of the trip, we decided we needed to learn the rest of the lyrics to that song!

We got on the slopes and headed to the back bowls. To keep this blog relatively short, I'll touch on a few fun (and not so fun) moments through the day...

I'll be happy if I never see another catwalk again for the rest of my life while snowboarding. Highly unlikely, but I'd be thrilled.

Trees aren't too fun for boarders, or at least not these 2 boarders, so we let Jenn and Brett head off to the trees while we supposidly were taking another run down the wide open bowls. Chris had grown in confidence (making up for my lack of confidence from falling everywhere day 1), and decided he was going to lead and take us down fun, new adventures runs. In the picture to the right, I've captured Chris right as he was saying "I'm SORRY babe, this sucks, don't be mad at me!!!". He led us down a path where no one else was...right in the trees! The view was beautiful, and we laughed the whole way too, so it wasn't that bad..

I had my first experience at a T-bar to get to the restaurant at lunch, and then to head back to the bottom of the slopes at the end of the day. I think it was Jennifer's first experience too. I'll sum it up by saying this: Kara: 0 , T-bar 2. Jennifer had better luck the 2nd go round, Jennifer: 1, T-bar 1. The boys, of course, did fine.

I gained enough confidence to ride ahead of Chris and stop and take pictures of him coming down, so I'll close with a few action shots! Vail was beautiful and a ton of fun. I think it was also the place that we saw the best snow, so day 3 was a success! I only fell a handful of times, so I made a good rebound from day 1!

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