Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ski Trip - Day 5: I broke my butt

Yep, literally, I broke my butt.

The day started out really really well. We had decided to finish our last day where we started, right in Keystone. Keystone also has night skiing that we wanted to try out at least once while we were there, so our last day was it! I also wanted to show the mountain who was boss after my epic failure of a first day.

We slept in a little bit and hit the slopes at 10 instead of 830 so that we had enough steam to enjoy the night riding as well. Chris and I finally felt confident enough on our boards to take out my good camera, so the bottom of this post will show some of those pics. I felt amazing. We did run after run, got some good pics, and had a blast. I actually started telling Chris to pick up his pace! He let me lead instead of getting run over.

We didn't even take a break to eat lunch, so at 3 we headed in for some much needed grub to re-energize. At about 4 we met Jennifer and Brett down at the restaurant at the bottom of the slopes for our last round of happy hour. After that, we headed back to the room, got some dry clothes on, and headed back out to the slopes.

I'm night blind. I don't see definitive shapes and most colors blend together. I have glasses to help with this while I'm driving, but I didn't bring my 'driving glasses' to go snowboarding. Besides the slopes being dark (they do have some lights street lights, just on the slopes), the one thing I didn't account for was ice. Apparently since the snow has sat on the mountain and been ridden all day, and melted some, it forms into ice. Makes sense.

The first few runs of night skiing went really well. We all flew down the slopes. I almost took out a few kids and I followed the wrong people down to the bottom the first run (Jennifer was wearing white pants and Chris had on his ninja gear...if I could see light colored bottoms, they were Jennifer, and anyone that I couldn't see color on at all was Chris...well, in my head anyways), but that was all okay.

Then I broke my butt. I made a wrong turn. I turned down a catwalk that I didn't know existed, and lost my speed. I finally got going a teeny tiny bit, hit an ice patch (that I couldn't looks like snow to me with my blindness issues), my board slipped out from me, and I landed square on my butt...hard. Falling when you've got some speed is one thing, it carries you a little bit so you don't adsorb all of the impact. Falling on a flat catwalk going zero just sucks.

I knew I hurt my tailbone pretty badly (the docs's fractured), but I couldn't let that be the last run that I ended on. So, I finished that run, headed back up the gondola, and had a great last run to finish out my trip. Keystone might have left me a little more battered, but I had the final say (and those of you women out there will know how important THAT is)!

We left the next morning for Denver, had one of the worst plane rides ever (why is it that Southwest is so ghetto?!), but came back smiling with memories that we'll forever cheerish! We had a great trip and hope to make it back next year...broken tailbone and all!

I'll sum up the plane ride in one sentence. Chris's take away from it was this: We're not ready to have kids yet!

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. I'm glad to know you think Southwest is ghetto too! I was beginning to think I was the only sole who always has bad luck flying with them. I better get used to them though, they are the only airline I'm allowed to use for work :-\
    Hope your butt feels better! :-P
    See you in two days!!

  2. Shew... I didn't like SW either!! Soooo mad they bought our my fave airline AIR TRAN!

    They THINK they are being funny... but they aren't. I had a 45 min flight from Orlando to West Palm. they must have COMPLAINED (but to them they were joking) that they aren't serving any drinks. So what do they do? Serve drinks w/an attitude. (aka SW jokes) It takes them FORTY-FIVE minutes to serve the drinks! And the flight wasn't even full. Maybe if they didn't "complain" they wouldn't have taken 45 mins!


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