Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink Cup

One of my best friends, Ashleigh is getting married at the end of this month. In October, we did her bachelorette party in Key West. I bought some large cups and asked Ashleigh to send me nicknames (if they had them) for all of the girls going down there.

Her nickname for me, has always been, Kara F*ing Drago. And that's exactly what she sent back to my question. My married name is not Drago, so it's just Kara F*ing for short now. So, when I was stenciling all of the girls names on their cups, I wrote Kara F*ing on mine. I'm a good friend.

I had brought the cup with me (it's pink) in the truck to head over to my parents for Christmas. I accidentally left it at my Dad's house, and asked my T. Mom (I have two, D. Mom and T. Mom) if she could bring my pink cup back to me when they came over to my home for New Years Eve.

She kept telling my Dad that she couldn't forget Kara's F*ing Cup! And then when she walked in to the house, she said "Oh Kara, I brought you your F*ing Cup back!!" I'm sure anyone else listening thought 'Chill out woman, it's just a pink cup!!'

(F*ing is pronounced Effing, not the actual word).

Oh...the things I do for my friends!!

Happy Tuesday!

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