House Tour

At the end of April 2013, we sold our Florida house and moved to Texas.

To see the full Florida house tour, view this link : Florida House Tour

To see the new Texas house tour (just Realtor pictures, none of ours yet!), view this link : Texas House Tour

Living Room : Still in Progress

( Hung ski's and picture frames on the wall, then built my bench with my fake sewed cushion for under the window, made over a clearance sign to relate to us and hung it above the ski art, made my key art for underneath my hung too high planked America, built some pallet shelves, added a new picture above the mantle, and finished with my subway art.)

Daybed / Kids Guest Room : Minor Changes...moved one daybed to nursery.

(To see each step of making over this room I did in detail, see the following links : painting the floorbuilding the left daybedbuilding the right daybedfinishing old Pottery Barn ShelvesRe-doing a Sewing Machine CabinetMaking the Yellow Pillows, and Making the Florally Pillows).

Dining Room : In Progress

(See post here!)

Nursery : Finished

Full Post on every little detail : click here.

Formal Living Room / Future Game Room : Barely in Beginning stages (just has got to go!).

Rest of the house coming soon!


To see a few before and after's of our first house, click here, and scroll down to the pictures.  I'll do a better old house tour at some point too!  
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