Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Painted Floors

Yep, that's right, I painted the floors.

Remember my list? Painting someday kids room was the floors, not the walls. In January, we decided to rip out the carpet and repaint the entire room. It previously was disgusting. We haven't come up with a good flooring solution for right now, so it's been concrete for the past 4 months. Blah!

I came across the Young House Love blog through Ana's website. They painted their floors, so after I proposed the idea to Chris, and he shot it down, I showed him their website. You can't tile over stained / painted floors, which is just fine by us. The only flooring solution in that bedroom we've eliminated is tile! I'm pretty sure that room is going to stay painted concrete for a little while.

First, I vacuumed and cleaned the concrete. Then, I taped the edges of the baseboard. I wish I would've gotten larger tape for this, but there's just some cleanup work that had to be done after the floors dried (a full WEEK!!!). I edged around the border with a paintbrush, and of course had my stereo blaring. At any given time during one of my projects, you can find me dancing around with a roller, paintbrush, nail gun, etc. Life's too short to not dance!

Chris insisted that I keep a mask on while doing this project...the paint is actually banned in California because of the fumes while you're putting it on (it's fine now), so I obliged. I don't normally go along so well with Chris's suggestions, so he had to get a pic of me doing it. Not my best...but that's the real me!

I did the first coat of painting while Chris was studying for his finals, so he decided to take a study break, admire my work, and get some silly action shots. He doesn't understand how I manage to always step in paint (even when it's not the floors I'm painting)...

And he wanted to get a pic of one of my painting outfits. He's tried numerous times to throw away these clothes (yes, I'm sad to say I have multiple painting outfits that look just like this...I don't believe in starting off a new days worth of painting in old smelly clothes). Why would you throw it away?! I'd just have to ruin something else!

I really don't understand how anyone has painting clothes that DON'T look like that. Yes, when we have kids, they're gonna constantly be a mess. I know, I know.

Here's how the painted floors look after the first coat was applied:

I put on the second coat on last Tuesday night, and let the floors dry until last night. I took off the paint, touched up the baseboards, and here's what she looks like:

And here's how it looks flowing from the hallway to the room. Don't mind the dirty hallway, I was anxious to get the picture. We haven't done cleanup work just yet!

We didn't bother to fill in any of the holes...we're going for a more rustic look in there. We both, surprisingly, really love the way it looks all done! I'm hoping to get the room half way put together by the time Friday rolls around, because that's when Chris's family will be here! So much to little time.

I'll try to post more pictures of the room prior to Friday. One of the items in there has been the big project we worked on all weekend and I've been trying to finish up all week long!

Happy hump day!  I'm linking up to these fun parties...go check them out!

Update:  If you'd like to see this room partially finished with furniture I built, go here!


  1. That looks gorgeous! So glad it came out so well. And thanks for the link so we could check it out!

    Made. Our. Day.

    s (& j)

  2. Thanks Sherry!! With the area rug and the daybed in there now, we really love it!! Thanks so much again for the idea!!

  3. That looks nice! Couple of questions..did you prepare the floor with any kind of etcher? What type of paint did you use...flat or glossy? I want to do the same in our family/eating area but scared to take the first step!

  4. Ps...Do you have any updated pictures? How does the room look with furniture and/or acessories?
    Thanks again

  5. Thanks Rita! If you check out the link on the Update portion of this post (click on the word here in this sentence on the above post: Update: If you'd like to see this room partially finished with furniture I built, go here!) I'm not completely done with it yet!

    I did not prepare the floor. I cleaned it and then used Valspar’s High Performance Oil-Based Porch & Floor Paint in a perfect chocolate brown color called Brownstone. It's very glossy.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Well, it's way too late to share this information with you now, but the mask you were wearing is for particulate filtration only! It does nothing to keep fumes out of your lungs. So, if you undertake a a similar project in the future, and want to actually protect yourself from fume inhalation, you will need an organic vapor type mask similar to this:

  7. This looks very nice! I saw the finished room (love it) on Paisley Passions blog! I'm so glad you answered the question of what brand/type the paint was, because I was just getting ready to ask the same question in this comment box and then I decided to look up above and see if someone else had beaten me to it, and I saw they had. LOL

  8. Love it. I am going to attempt to paint the floors at a rent house we just bought. I was scared but now feel a little more confident!


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