Monday, July 15, 2013

House Tour : Out With The Old, In With The New

I have promised you guys a full house tour for awhile, and I'm finally going to deliver on it.

Even though this house is no longer mine.  We closed on it at the end of April.

To make a long story short, Chris accepted a job out in Dallas, TX, so for the first time in our whole lives we are no longer Floridians.  We were actually officially homeless for the first time since college!  We lived in corporate housing for a little over a month, and closed on a beautiful new home in McKinney, TX at the end of May.

Our house wasn't even on the market for a week before we were under contract for 99% of our asking price after receiving multiple offers.  We closed in less than 6 weeks.  Happy happy joy joy dance plus lots of mayhem and tears and hugs and yay's all around.  It's been a whirlwind of a few months to say the least!

Onto the Tour!

The Back Yard.  We didn't sod all the way down to the back, so it looks a little barren in this picture.  The new sod that we laid a year ago has started spreading and filling in the dead areas though.  Hopefully that'll continue on for the new owners!

The in-law suite bathroom.  We didn't really do much in here...

Kalia's bathroom.  We painted the walls, took out the old shower door, painted the cabinets, and faux painted the countertop.

The in-law suite bedroom.  I wish I had before pictures to go along with this, but I was in panic mode to get it done.  This room used to be Barney purple...blah!  I painted it Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and painted all of the trim white.

Kalia's room.  Ah, this was such a labor of love...I'm not gonna lie,  I cried the last time I walked through here.  We completely gutted this room and pretty much built everything that went into it.  I replicated this as closely as possible in the new home.  I really loved everything about it!

The daybed room.  This room used to have two daybeds in it, but I moved one into Kalia's room, and then into her playroom.  Chris installed the floors one weekend before we listed it.  It's the same floors we installed in Kalia's room.

The front door and the dining room

We hung up mirrors that went to the dresser in the in-law suite, and I painted little shelves and put fresh flowers in there for showings.

The exterior of the front door with the hanging pendant that we installed.

Our living room.  I painted the back of those book shelves along the wall and really loved how it turned out.  All of this trim was an off-white too, so I painted that all shiny white as well.

I also did that key art and those pallet shelves...

and made the Hart sign, and hung the ski's in an x with pictures of Chris and I from our snowboarding adventures.  I'm glad that my 'stuff' gets to stay with us!  I am happy to report that almost all of it fits in perfectly at the new home.

Here's a few of the front of the house, which we re-painted once Kalia got here.

We had to leave the Gator flag.  It was actually a part of the negotiations!

Moving back to the inside...the kitchen.  Oh, how I loved that kitchen.  I pretty much did nada here.  It was the huge huge selling point when we bought the house.

Kalia's playroom.  This room evolved quite a bit since she arrived.  The pictures over the daybed are just black fabric with a picture of her from every week for her first year.  It's amazing how quickly she changed!!  I painted the chalk wall, built and painted the ledges, and then added a family picture wall above the ledges.  Both Kalia and I miss the chalk wall.  If I'm being 100% honest, I don't miss the dust though!

The entry to the Master Bathroom from our bedroom, or the vanity area.  I painted this area twice, did all of the trim white, and we took off the closet doors and spray painted them to get rid of the yucky gold color.

Last time you saw our Master Bath, it was the light blue color.  I painted it gray (moonshine by benjamin moore, my favorite light gray color to go to) because I felt it was more calm and would appeal to a larger audience.

Next up, our Master Bedroom.  I re-did that trunk that my parents gave me and added my sewing machine cabinet that I also re-did to finish out the space.  We've upgraded furniture at the new house, so I can't wait to share what our room looks like now.

Here's a picture of the office.  This room also got painted, and we took out the built-ins, sanded them down, and re-stained them.  They were a blonde honey color before.  I also painted the back of them to make our things pop.

This is the office bath that Chris and I completely gutted and re-did just days before listing the house.  There was striped wall paper and an old toilet, laminate vanity, and builder grade mirror in here.  For such a little room, it required a ton of work, but the difference was amazing.  As you can imagine, we were in a rush, so just use your imagination for the before pictures!

And last, but most certainly not least, the pool deck.  Oh pool, how I miss you.  Our new home does not have one.  I think we'll wind up putting one in, but that yard and that pool were irreplaceable!  

This house and our old neighborhood and our old state, ha, were so hard to leave, but we had to do what was right for our family.  As soon as I quit my job, Chris put out his resume, which is why things got so scattered here on the blog.  Balancing a baby plus Chris interviewing and making up his time with his old job and trying to get house projects done during naptimes and bedtimes because I knew the move was coming was quite a bit challenging.

I'm hoping that I can come back here and share projects and our lives with the four of you that still read this blog (hey 'rents!!).  I'm still working on finishing up getting the last of the things my sewing machine...yuck!!

In personal news, my little girl turned two last month.  Crazy how time flies.  Here's a picture of Kalia jumping on her big gift on her second birthday.  We're still a little hair challenged!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. Glad to catch up with you here! Congrats on the move (and almost being unpacked!?!) and selling your house so quickly. What a blessing. Your little one is precious :)

    1. Aww...thanks so much Jenni!! I really appreciate it! Most definitely a huge blessing!

  2. oh my gosh, that's a lot going on! can't wait to see your new home!

    1. I know, kind of went a little crazy for a little bit!! Stay tuned, new home post coming! Soon! :-)

  3. WELCOME TO TEXAS!!!! I live in the Dallas area too just about 45 mins East of downtown in a small little town over Lake Ray Hubbard! My husband works in Richardson and McKinney is right down the road from there! We love that area! Your new home is beautiful! Hope y'all like Texas! I know its no Florida and our weather gets crazy but your area has some great places to shop and there are some great things for kids in the Dallas area!

    1. Thank you so much Kelli!! We are liking it so far, but sort of feel like fish out of water at times with balancing a new job, a 2 year old, and house stuff. If you have any suggestions on kid friendly things to do in the Dallas area, I'd love to hear them! The weather has been a little crazy here, cold, tornadoes, crazy heat, but nothing we can't live with! It keeps it interesting!

  4. I know all about our crazy weather! Last Christmas we actually had SNOW!!! We had a white Christmas! I have lived in Texas my whole life and don't ever remembering having a white Christmas! It was great! This summer has actually been pretty good. It is usually HOT (like in the 100s hot).
    There is tons you can do with children in Dallas area...
    Dallas Zoo- Its much smaller than going to the Forth Worth Zoo. Plus its closer :) You can go early in the day and usually be done in a few hours.
    Museum of Nature and Science- Its got tons of hands on fun for kids! Little ones too!
    There is a Dallas world aquarium and one down at fair park- The dallas one is a bit more in price I believe. The one at fair park in downtown dallas in great for kids!
    If you go to the website they have a calendar to the side and you can click on the day you want and they list events in your area.

    There is also a nice new park in downtown dallas called Klyde Warren Park. If your into farmers markets at all there is a good one also in Downtown Dallas. We love going there to get fresh fruits and veggies.
    Hope that helps y'all find some fun things to do!

    1. Wow, THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!! I SO appreciate it!! I'll have to check out all of those things with Kalia, esp the insdie ones while it's so HOT here!! Thanks for the link to the calendar thing too, that is awesome! Such a sweet comment!


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