Friday, April 9, 2010

Mini Project

With my birthday money, I had bought these old vintage ski's from Pottery Barn and 4 handmade frames from Etsy (thanks Sheila Mom, Grandma Miller, and Oma!). I really wanted to hang the ski's so that they crossed over each other and then put a frame in all 4 cross sections.

The problem is that the ski's didn't come with mounting hardware. They're not really made to be hung across each other. Obviously, that didn't really matter much to me.

Chris kept putting off helping me with it, saying some smörgåsbord (time out, cool spell check fix, huh?!) about needing to go to Home Depot or Lowes to get mounting hardware and blah blah blah.

We had a volleyball game at 9 last night, relatively close to Chris's work, so he stayed until 730 and then met me at Chick Fil A before heading to play. I decided I was tired of waiting for some stupid mounting hardware, and started hanging the ski's by myself before I left.

I did sort of okay with it, but the top ski was barely hanging on, and I could only get it to latch on one side, and my picture frames were off center. When we got home, Chris rolled his eyes and helped me re-hang the top ski and center up the picture frames. He has no problem helping me finish something once I've started it...he'd just never start it if it was left up to him!

Here's the final product:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! It's Friday--yay! I'll post pictures of last weekends project after we finish the cleanup this weekend.

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  1. Awesome job babe! Good thing you started or those walls would be blank for months!


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