Friday, August 19, 2011

Still Alive

Hey guys!

It's been over a month without a peep from me, so I thought I'd let you guys know that I'm still here.  We've actually got a few house projects that we're working on, but things go quite a bit slower these days with Kalia around.

I got quite a few emails and comments from you guys when I was pregnant about not knowing how I was doing everything and something or another about being a super woman.  Well, I'm here to tell you I am most definitely not a super woman.  I'm a new mommy, and I spend my days figuring out my baby.  Initially, I felt the need to still get a lot of house projects done.  I felt that I wasn't being 'me' without it.  It kind of put me in a sad place, so we did the vanity to give me a little bit of sanity.

But somewhere along the way I realized something.  I'm a go-getter, I'm a do-er...I don't rest that much, and my idea of relaxing is playing volleyball or running.  I don't stop.  I'm committed to doing things the best I can, I love to learn, and I love to be hands on with things.  I love to be active, I love to create, I love to inspire, and I love to finish every day proud of what I've done.  That's 'me'.

And these days, I get all of that, and so much more with this little girl :

She's 'me'.  Her and her Daddy fill my days with so much joy and happiness...I can't even begin to describe it.

I had motherhood all wrong before she arrived.  I thought I'd teach her the ways of the world, I'd teach her how to be a good person, how to do the basics initially, and how to succeed in life later on.  What I didn't realize was how much she'd teach me.  In 10 short weeks, she's taught me to see the world differently.  She's taught me that I have a whole lot more patience than I ever thought I could...she's taught me to be empathetic to other Mommies...she's taught me that the best things in life lie in those little eyes and those little dimples.  She's taught me how to love more openly and completely.  She's taught me how to be a better me, and she's teaching me new things every day.

So please forgive the lack of diy posts.  Right now, Kalia's not at the age where she can participate in diying too much (although it's hard not to write posts on every little thing that she does do...but I spare you guys and have a family blog just for that :-)), and until she gets there, my diying is limited to naptimes and after bedtime.  House projects can wait until then...I've got more important things to learn and grow from in the meantime...

I hope all of you guys have enjoyed your summer and are doing well!  Thanks for sticking around Kara's Korner, I really appreciate your support.

I'll end on one last one of my little cutie.  Enjoy!

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