Friday, March 26, 2010

Whose Bed?!

Chris was out of town this week on a work trip, so Kodi and I were left to fend for ourselves. It was party time in the Hart household with Chris gone!!

I got to eat cereal for breakfast and occasionally lunch. Kodi got fed as soon as I got up instead of me getting coffee and a smoothie made for Chris. I could eat salad and fruit for dinner, and for dessert have more cereal. Ahh...the food life before being married!! Chris thinks I'd waste away if it weren't for him...

I don't sleep well without Chris next to me. Much to Chris's dismay some nights (I turn into an oven when I sleep...I think it's a woman thing), I have to have something touching him at all times throughout the night. So, to make up for Chris being gone, again, much to Chris's dismay, Kodi got to be the warm body next to me in bed. I told Chris he should be happy it's the dog!!!

...I think Kodi likes his Daddy being gone...he looks quite cozy!

We really did miss Chris. I'll take Chris and cooking 3 meals a day over him being gone any day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

RIP Phone, RIP

I'm not good on the phone. I'm not good at answering the phone, I'm not good at returning phone calls, I don't even think I'm a good phone conversationalist. And while I'm not good at all of the above, that's still not my worst attribute when it comes to my cell phone.

...I can't take care of it. I lose it, I drop it, I sit on it, Kodi steps on it, I leave it places...the list goes on and on.

Finally, my poor phone had enough and died on me...

So, now if I don't return anyone's calls for a little bit, you all can agree that I actually have a very legit reason why!!

RIP phone...we had it good for almost two whole years before you left will be missed!

It actually sort of still works. It initially worked on speaker today on the lower portion, but that was short lived. My car (which has blue tooth) still sees it and connects though. So, if I know your number, or if you're programmed in my car, I can sit out there and talk to you. Hmmmmm...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tree Movers

Sorry I've been MIA on blog posts. We've been super busy. I can now add 'Tree Mover' to my list of qualifications that I'm capable of if this engineering thing doesn't work out for me.

The two trees on the right (in the pics below) were not there before Sunday. They were in the middle of our yard. When we moved in, we had some trees and dirt in the grass, no fence, no nada. We've spent quite a bit of time trying to get everything up to par, and for obvious reasons, focused on the front yard rather than the back at first.

We've still got more work to do in the front, but I decided that those trees needed to be moved NOW. Chris told me I was crazy, so I told him to go in and work on his school work while I moved the trees solo. Needless to say, he helped.

Here's a few pics of Kodi with the new trees...I think he approves!

Hope everyone has had a great's almost Friday...yessss!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Friday was my 28th Birthday. I've decided that early, mid, and late 20's no longer applies. I am now just in my 20's. I didn't get any older, just better!

Chris woke me up with breakfast on Friday. Strawberry covered pancakes with whip cream on top...yuuum!!! He asked me if I wanted him to make me dinner and I just laughed at him. While he does try in the kitchen occasionally, he's much better at turning on the oven, taking something out of the freezer, putting it on a baking sheet, and setting the timer these days. His cooking skills with school and work combined have gone waaaay down. That's okay though, my breakfast was delicious!!

We had our friends from Gainesville come into town for the weekend, and my PT (paper twin) Erin cooked everyone a yummy dinner and brought it over. We played Taboo and Apples to Apples. I wanted a mellow birthday weekend...the past few weekends have been a bit much for me!

On Saturday, Erin, Janelle, and I headed to the Strawberry Festival to meet 2 of my other friends (coincidentally named Erin and Chris also), and to show my PT Erin what the Strawberry Festival was all about. Erin caught the most entertaining part of it on video. Pig Races. They were hilarious. Heats 1 and 2 were actually really fast. Click here to check out heat two. (And yes, the bleachers are packed. We got there early to get our seats!)

Heat three was the funniest though. Erin couldn't get them all of the way around (bandwidth reasons), but the beginning is funny enough to watch. The initial front runner had to stop to use the rest room and wound up finishing last.

On Sunday, we met up with 2 more of our friends the 4 of us (Janelle, Yulander, Chris, and myself) played quite a few games of beach volleyball. One of my friends out there's daughters made me cupcakes for my birthday, so everyone joined in singing Happy Birthday to me with the kids. It was super cute and sweet!

I had such a great birthday weekend...I am blessed every day to be surrounded by the people I am in my life!!!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goofy Chris

Chris can, on occasion, be just as goofy as I am.

When we returned home from the ski trip, we had TWO Mr. Bill's waiting in the mail for us. Apparently, 2 of our mom's really don't like us too much. Kodi's love for Mr. Bill has only gotten stronger over the past few weeks, which means that I have learned to tune 'oooh nooo' out. Good thing we don't have kids!

We've moved our mattress to the living room to sleep by the fireplace until Florida starts realizing it's Florida and warming up. Our heater is dumb and doesn't include a heat pump with it (yep, dumb), so it doesn't work too well. The three of us camp out every night in the living room.

Last night, I was watching the end of American Idol when Chris finished his school stuff and got into bed with me. The guy on TV was singing "My Girl", and Chris and Kodi decided they wanted to serenade me with the song as well. While Chris pinned me down and sang the lyrics, Kodi chewed on Mr. Bill. Every time Kodi / Mr. Bill would say "ooohhh nooo", Chris would add into his song "ooohh yeeah". I think Kodi finally got tired of his own game though. By the end of the song, Mr. Bill was back in his toy bin and Kodi was sleeping on his bed next to ours, with his paws over his face...looking embarrassed at his Dad.

And to day we'll have for real kids!!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny News

I don't watch as much of the news as I should to keep up to date with things. Occasionally, when I'm channel surfing, if I hear something that peaks my interest, I'll stay tuned.

I'm pretty sure the goal of the news is not to be funny...but sometimes the news itself just cracks Chris and I up.

Last week, there was a report about a guy who got arrested for renting out homes that are going through foreclosures. That seems smart, not silly, right? The catch is that the guy didn't own a single one of the homes that he rented out (31). He'd put a note on the door claiming "adverse possession", and then switch out the locks, fix up the homes, and rent them out. In his news interview, he was very confused about why he was being arrested for "helping the county" by putting people in homes that would otherwise be empty.

Here's your sign...

And although this next story didn't happen in the Tampa Bay area, it is equally as humorous. There's a guy in Ohio whose home was being foreclosed on. To stop the bank from taking it, he BULLDOZED his $350,000 house down. Take THAT bank!!! That's one way to stop a foreclosure...

In other news that's not funny, but beautiful, one of my best friends, Ashleigh got married this past weekend. I don't have any pictures just yet, but if I get some, I'll post them on here so you can see what a beautiful, blessed, and fun event their wedding was! I was so thankful to be a part of such a beautiful event!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

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