Thursday, April 29, 2010

I heart Marshalls

Once a week I head to the allergist to get my allergy shots. On my way home sometimes, during my lunch break, I'll swing by Marshalls to see if they've got anything good. It's generally hit or miss.

I love shoes as much as the next gal, which is odd, because I didn't start loving shoes until the last few years. The problem is I love designer shoes, and I have sensitive feet, so cheap shoes don't work out so well for me. I'm pretty frugal with things too, which is a bad combination.

Well, the shoe gods were smiling down at me yesterday. I found a pair of cute sandals on clearance for $29, which I still thought was a little pricey for Marshalls clearance. That was, until I got home and looked them up.

They retail for $120 and are on sale for $85. I got them for a little over 75% off!!! What a steal!!!

And they're my absolute favorite and blue!!! Football season, I'm ready for you!!

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