Monday, April 26, 2010

Cell phone drama

Remember this post?

Well, we've brought my cell phone back from the dead. It's a MIRACLE!!!

No, really, it's annoying.

The quality of our new cell phones sucked, and because "v" sucks equally as well with customer service, we're back to the old phones. "A" would've never have done this to us!

To summarize a long story, "V" told us that we could take our new phones for a test drive, and if we didn't love them, bring them back in 30 days. They negated to mention the 70$ restocking fee if we traded them in for another new phone. If you go back to your old cell phone and come back a week later, there is no fee.


I use my cell phone for work, and Chris uses his...occasionally...when he's in the car. Which means poor Chris has my resurrected phone (it still works on blue tooth), and I have his.

As always, if you need to get ahold of us this week, good luck! Really, if you call Chris's phone, you'll get me and if you call my phone you'll get the car. If someone happens to be driving it at the same time, you might get a person.


Our numbers are the same except the last digit. If you want to get a hold of me this week, dial the same number, but end it with a 1! If you want to get a hold of Chris this week, um, email him?!?! He's got finals on Wednesday, so he's pretty booked until then anyways!

How are we both engineers?!

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