Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay, so maybe not ever...winning the lottery or something would be much better, but for our family (Chris, Kodi, and myself), we're really excited and happy.

All day Sunday Chris worked on school. Most of you know he's pursuing his MSEE right now. Most of you also know that at one point, we were both going back to school for an Engineering Management degree, but due to changes in our companies reimbursement policies, we had to drop trying to get that degree.

Back to Sunday. Chris got a little A.D.D. and started looking at what all he had left to finish up his degree. Working full time and going to school full time is pretty tough, especially with the way UF does it's electrical engineering long distance learning. He does the exact same thing as kids on campus...he gets graded the same, has the same homeworks, papers, projects, exams, etc. as people that are just going to school full time for their Master's and can dedicate the 50 hours Chris does working a week to just school.

In a few more weeks, after finals, he'll have 15 hours towards his MSEE...or so he thought. In his A.D.D.ness, he started looking through graduate requirements and realized that he only has to take 21 credit hours of EE classes. The other 9 hours can be electives. He emailed the graduate advisor who stated that one of the classes that we took from the engineering management program would automatically count towards his 30 hours for his degree. She also let him know that he could petition the graduate coordinator for EE and see if they'd let him count his second class that he took towards his MSEE.

So he wrote the petition. He got an email back from the graduate coordinator (who was also our senior design advisor) today saying that yes, it could count!!! That means that Chris's ADDness just cut off an ENTIRE semester of school!!! He's got THREE classes left to take after this semester and he'll be DONE!!!

I'm so happy...I can't begin to explain how exciting having my husband back full time FOUR months early is to me!! THREE more classes...we can do it!!


  1. That's Awesome! We can have a joint graduation party :)


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