Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Weekend

I've got lots and lots to post on this week, but as usual, Monday's are crazy, and I don't have time for a full post.

I'll leave you with teasers...

I was proud of my bench. Really proud. But imagine what's possible when Chris helps. It's amazing. I'm addicted.

One set of my in-laws (as well as a granny in law and a bro and sis in law) are coming down on Friday, so this week is going to be crazy, as was this weekend, getting stuff ready for them to get here. We're so excited to have a full house!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this week flies by!


  1. Looking forward to finding out about ur weekend!

  2.! Good luck with that :)

  3. I'll get to it Erin, I promise!!

    And're ONE of the in-laws!! I need all the help I can get!! No no, I'm kidding...I'm super excited to see you guys on Friday!


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