Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rock Project - Part 2

After we finished part 1, we split part 2 into the remaining 3 days. Here's what part 2 looked like to start off with:

*Note the newspaper in the picture. For some reason, Chris thought we were supposed to wet the newspaper, lay it on top of the weeds and leave it for a week to kill them. He apparently forgot that we live in Florida, it's not the rainy season, and wet newspaper doesn't take a week to dry out. That one piece stayed, the rest had to be picked up along the fence!

We got to work again digging. We also had to move two trees that were along this side (and probably would've eventually broken up our concrete for our pool deck...not smart previous owners)!

It took us 3 go rounds with our garbage days to get rid of all of the dirt and rock that we pulled up. We still have some hidden on one side of the house, but our backs say that's enough for now!



Chris had tried to convince me to just get rid of the old plants and plant new ones. Instead, I weeding around the old ones, grouped them together how I wanted them, and re-planted.

I've just got to spray-paint the paver's and this part will be completely done too. My finger got a cramp from the other side!

It's almost Friday! Enjoy the rest of the week!!

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  1. Nice job! It looks much neater and more tailored.

  2. Again, GREAT job, I was just in Florida for Thanksgiving, warm 85 degree weather, THEN BOOM, come back to Ga, and Im freezing my bum off, and still am. Dang its cold here.

    Bella :)


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