Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine sure was busy...although it was more of the fun, socializing busy instead of the normal crafty building busy.  Yay for for you guys who tune in to see what I've created over the weekend!

We headed to the Ray's baseball game on Friday night.  Through work vendors, we had box seats with unlimited food and drink.  Combine that with a 3-2 win over the Yankees, and A-Rod going 0-4 (which meant he didn't hit his 600th home run), it all added up to a really fun, but late, night.

Saturday I should have gotten up at 345 a.m. to meet my team down in South St. Pete to do my 10 mile run.  I decided that running 10 miles on a little bit more than 3 hours of sleep wasn't a good idea, and slept in instead.  I had a baby sprinkle to go to that afternoon for Lauren, so I didn't want to be overly tired, sore, or hungry either.  

Ashleigh and I went in on a large thing of diapers for the sprinkle, so I went to Ash's beforehand to try to make a cute diaper cake.  We were so proud of ourselves when we left her house (literally, high fiving each other all around for our cuteness and creativity with all of our bows and ribbons).   When we arrived at the cafe, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves.  The only part of the diaper cake that stayed together was the top.  After spending a few minutes trying to put it back together, we decided that we'd rather not look like sweaty messes and we'd just go inside and explain our ... um, situation.  We didn't take any pictures of the cake at the house (SO unlike me!) and we forgot our camera's too for the sprinkle, so these pictures are courtesy of Lauren. 

 The sprinkle was so fun and the food was so yummy!!!  Check out these cute mini cupcakes they brought out:

Yes, I ate more than one.  They're mini...that means like three is equivalent to one normal sized one, right?!

After the party, we shoved all of the diapers, with the exception of the topper, into the box, shoved the box closed, put the topper on top and gave it to Lauren.!  Lauren thought it was sweet and funny, and it's definitely a diaper cake that we'll all remember, so I guess that's worth something.  We should have thought to take a picture of the box with the topper, but it was hot in the parking lot, and we were all ready to get into our a/c'd cars.

Saturday night was early to bed so I could get up at 5 a.m. and be off by 6 a.m. to run my 10 miles all by myself.  Chris and Kodi actually joined in after my first mile and hung around until mile 5 before leaving me to run on my own.  It was SUCH a hot and humid day too...even before the sun broke through, the steam was just awful.  Note to self:  Training for a half marathon in August is dumb.  Yes, it's for a good cause, but next time around, I should choose an event with a different date!

I was pretty useless the rest of the day on Sunday, although we did manage to pick out a paver color and come up with a few other fun and creative ideas for our outside pool deck area.  Stay tuned to see what we're going with!  Pretty in pink is FINALLY going to go away!  Woo hoo!


  1. Haha, I didn't know either initially. It's for the second baby. I guess most women don't have showers their second go-round (um, why not!??!), so we did a 'sprinkle' instead. Monica told us we're supposed to bring diapers to a sprinkle, so that's what we did! The thought is that most people already have their baby stuff from the first go-round.

  2. Ahh. Got it. I was thinking a sprinkle was to help the woman GET pregnant! haha. I heard on the news one night people are having parties to try and get pregnant. seems a little too personal for me.
    Im all for second showers!


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