Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Closet Part 2 : Door Makeover

Back in April, before most of you knew I existed, I did a quick transformation of our closet doors from this:

to this:

Please ignore my dirty laundry in the background...oops!

The silver was a nice little quicky upgrade, but I didn't do it right, and the silver scratched off easily.  This is what led me to research everything to re-do the door hardware once I found the actual color I wanted (it's even a comment of mine to my good friend Erin at the bottom of this post back in April...so many ideas swirling around constantly in this head of mine!).

So now that we've learned, and been successful at, re-doing hardware, it was time to upgrade this mirror, again, as part of our 8 million part closet renovation.  Besides, they were already off from adding in the shoe shelves, so now was as good a time as any to get it done right.

Step 1:  Get a hot guy to Lightly sand and then spray on primer.

 Step 2: Sit and read instructions on desired color spray paint bottle to make sure that your impatient wife is correct in saying that as soon as the primer dries (~10 minutes), it's okay to spray on the color.

Step 3:  Spray on the actual color.

Step 4: Spray on clear top coat / protector.

Step 5: Scrape off tons and tons of paint on the mirror with a sharp razor (not fun...perhaps taping should be step 1 the next go round).

Step 6: Hang Doors!

And one from the other angle so you can see how much better this goes with our existing vanity area and mirror:

And a rundown of the deets for those of you who are interested:
Primer:  RUST-OLEUM's Clean Metal
Spray Paint: RUST-OLEUM's Metallic all-surface paint in oil rubbed bronze
Top Coat:  RUST-OLEUM's Crystal Clear Enamel
Hunky Husband:  Not available for purchase.  Sorry ladies.

This time around took a lot longer than the last go round, but they don't scratch and look SO much better.  Ahh...the simple things in life.  Now onto part 3...sigh.

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  1. Wonderful redo, Kara! :) Whoever thought of gold mirrored doors anyways!?! They should be banned. Haha! It looks wonderful in black!

  2. The silver was great but this is an even better upgrade! Looks fantastic. =)

  3. Wow! This looks so much better. Great Job!

  4. WOW!! they look amazing in black. thanks for posting.

  5. Wow, never would have thought of that. It makes such a big difference. Love it!

    I'm having a Target giveaway on my blog right now. I'd love it if you'd stop by! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  6. I'm impressed. I'm often accused of painting EVERYTHING...and my go-to color is often black!

    Thanks for another project idea!

  7. Love the transformation. DH and I stayed at the Grand Ol Opry Hotel in Nashville last year and our bathroom was incredible! Luscious creams and so-dark-brown-it-looks-black hardware. Your bathroom reminds me of that. I've been wanting the same color scheme everywhere. :)

    Just had to say how cute it is that you have timelines for your doggy and your marriage. If I'm doing the math right, you had your dog for about six months before you got married? My dh and I did the same thing (8 years ago in October). We call Hunter (our Golden) our wedding present to each other. We have some adorable photos of him right before the wedding with DH who was in his tux. I think I'll have to add a timeline or two to my blog.

  8. Very nice! It looks a lot better now.

  9. WOW! What a difference a little paint makes. That looks amazing! Great job!

  10. That makes a big difference. The dark paint really does go well with the rest of the bathroom.

  11. We are so glad you joined us for Anything Related! Come back tomorrow for another great party!

  12. They look great! I have a question. Are the rollers on the top or bottom tracks? I want to try this but I'm scared the tracks will get all scraped up opening and closing them (mine are on the bottom). Any suggestions? Thank you.

  13. They were on both the top and bottom (we've since moved!), and they didn't scrape after we did the steps listed above. But we did have to literally unscrew the tracks and bring them outside and prime, paint, and topcoat. Give ample drying time. It "cures" the top coat and hardens it. If you're impatient, it'll definitely scratch! Best of luck!

  14. The Bronze added a very nice touch! Looks SO much better then the silver. Thank you for the instructions

  15. I am about to do mine, can I ask did the paint scrape off after opening and closing the door after a while. I want to do mine, but my husband thinks it will just scratch back off opening and closing.


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