Thursday, July 8, 2010

Demolition Derby : Hart Style

One of the things on our long long looong to-do list in this house is re-doing our screened in enclosure around the pool.

It's nice and large, but pretty in pink and quite outdated.

First up on this project is getting rid of this old laminate outdoor kitchen area.  It was this way when we moved in, and has driven us absolutely bonkers for the past year or so.

We took our hammers, crow bars, and lots and lots of muscle, and got to work.  We even had a little friend hop over to help!  (He actually creeped me out and made me jump quite a few times.  Chris wound up chasing him out of the pool area so I would stop yelping!)

It's coming along!!

To get this cabinet out, we had to pull out these ridiculously long screws:

Which left huge holes in the stucco.

Next up on the learning how-to list:  stucco.  Sigh.  It's never ending some days!

Back to work...

That grill was really really hard to get off.  Poor Chris.  It was definitely a job for the super hot, hunky, muscle-y husband of mine.  I was better suited for picture taking at this task!

I wound up moving most of the old cabinets to the street while Chris worked on this part and the sink...which led to a doctors visit and a tetanus shot with a gash in my thumb that went all the way to the tendon.  I'll spare you the pics!  It's sort of ironic because Chris wanted me to take the cabinet pieces around to the front so I didn't hurt myself.  Poor hubby...he tries to keep me safe.  It's an impossible task some days!

All done...whew!  We've still got to figure out what exactly we're going to do with this area.  We've got ideas, but nothing completely solid.  We kept the outdoor grill to take to a metal recycling center.  The rest of the stuff out there needs to be incorporated into whatever we ultimately wind up with out here.

Next up for the pool area...making our pretty in pink deck sleek and modern looking!


  1. Why am I not surprised your demo ended in a doctor's visit?! I think you do better when you're careless and not thinking about not getting hurt! haha

    Wow, over 18k visits!! Good job!

    I donated through your blog again :-P

  2. Can't beleive you got hurt!! LOL I am sure that space is going to turn out good!! Good progress so far!!

  3. I get hurt doing's amazing actually! I actually DO think I do better when I just go about my biz and not worrying about anything!

    Thanks Jenny!!! And thanks for the confidence Haley!!!


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