Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Hart Family Photos

We are goof balls.  Huge goof balls.  Sometimes I can't decide if I can't wait to have kids so we can have so much fun with them (and not look like weirdo's playing) or if I'm scared to have them because then we'll have to grow up, and I never want to lose our goofiness.  (The "I don't want to grow up" Toys R Us song is playing in my head right now).  We've actually gone to playgrounds with just Kodi (our yellow lab). He may or may not have sat on my lap and slide down the slide with me.  There's no pictures, so who knows if it really happened!

Point being, we're goof balls.  So when I want to get DIY family photos, I really should expect nothing less.

Just to give you a first glipse of what our photo shoot looked like, here's Chris taking a few "practice shots".

Oops, need to re-adjust the camera angle...I chopped off the top of his head!

There we go, I got all of him!!  Love the concentration in his face too! (Isn't he H.O.T too?!?! ah hem...sorry...where was I?!?!)

I'm not normally a fan of showing anyone pics of me in my bathing suit, but I do play beach volleyball when I'm not running, so I'm not exactly not used to walking around in front of a lot of people in it either.  Everytime I look through these pictures, I can't help but laugh, and laughter needs to be shared, so I'm sharing!

Oh now that you've got a preview of what kind of photo shoot we were going for, let me tell you the deets.

I set the camera on a chair, set the timer button, pushed the take picture button, hauled bootay over to the other side of the pool, said GO, and took off.  Kodi, of COURSE, thought this was the BEST photo shoot EVER.

Here's my first shot...oops.  I forgot I had a motion / action setting on my camera.  Lets see if that helps anything!

Still somewhat blurry , but better.  Chris couldn't figure out how to hold his knees up for a cannon ball without using two hands, so he likes the smile from the side approach.  I think it's hilarious that we're both hamming it up for the camera.

We probably took 15-20 shots with me running back and forth.  Here's a blooper:

Chris kept Kodi on one side of him and the idea was that the three of us would jump TOGETHER.  Can you see how well that timing idea worked in this pic?!  Chris would say "READY?!" and Kodi would jump.  He didn't need the tennis ball to jump after (it's still in Chris's hand), he was definitely ready!  Kodi kept jumping right where Chris was supposed to jump too...this happened at least five times!!  I'd come up and find Chris dry and laughing hysterically standing on the waterfall ledge.  The above picture kind of symbolizes our family.  Kodi jumps in immediately at anything he thinks can remotely be fun, I hurry to get the finished product, and Chris analyzes stuff till he's blue in the face (Chris's Brain: wait wait wait, this picture isn't going to work...if I jump in at the wrong angle, I'm going to mess it all up...I'll just stand here, think it out, and try again next time.)

And this as the picture we ended on.  It was getting too dark after this shot, so we put the camera away with promises to have some more family fun with another photo op when there's more daylight out.  We're gonna get the shot.  We are.  And we'll both put our legs in cannon ball format, and it'll be fun and a fitting photo op for us!

Our good friends Erin and Chris actually gave me a really sweet birthday present this year of a photo shoot with them, and they're so talented, so THOSE will be our 'good' family photos.  These ones are our 'goofy' family photos!  Just keepin' it real!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Happy Friday...finally!  Hope I gave you guys something to laugh about!


  1. Kara, NEVER stop being goofballs or having fun! Best piece of advice I can give! In my case, I've gotten goofier every year...more so since having kids. Guess what? My kids are the happiest, silliest kids around too! My husband is the more serious, business like one, but I can tell that, although my silliness sometimes embarrasses him, he does find it endearing! Loved the pics! Look like Kodi was having just as much fun too!

  2. Man, you have set the bar pretty high for pics. =)

  3. Paula - Great piece of advice, thanks! I don't know that I could change my goofiness if I wanted to!

    E - I literally LOL'd at your comment...goof ball.

  4. So so cute... I love the last picture! My boyfriend and I have talked about how we could never be with anyone else because it's impossible to imagine anyone else understanding our silly selves, our habit of belting out random songs when hearing a familiar phrase from that song, our habit of thinking alike and reading each others' minds and other random goofy stuff, the list goes on forever and there's nothing better than finding the person who you can share that with, to be your complete self with.

    By the way, I truly understand your comment about having children, I am getting to the point where there are moments that overwhelm me with the desire to have children with my love, to share that joy of raising them together and having the time of our lives as a family, but then I realize the enormous shift in responsibilities and lifestyle it will cause and I know neither one of us is ready for that just yet. Thank you for sharing the pictures! :)

    Inspire Bohemia


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