Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Insert Sewing Machine

When I re-did my sewing machine cabinet, I received a few funny comments asking where my sewing machine was. I don't have the first inkling on how to sew anything, let alone actually USE a sewing machine, but I am excited to start learning.

First, I had to modernize / Kara-ize (yep, I'm a verb) the cabinet so that it was more my style. The next step was to actually see if I could mount the sewing machine. My T. Mom had had this cabinet and the sewing machine sitting around for quite awhile, and my Dad never got around to seeing if it would mount inside. I believe the cabinet was initially a Habitat Restore purchase.

Erin was over one day and we took a look to see if it'd be possible to actually get the sewing machine IN the sewing machine cabinet. The screw that attached to the bottom of the cabinet was SO much smaller than the screw that was already in the cabinet. Easy solution, right? Just take the screw that held the bottom piece of the sewing machine together to Big Blue or Big Orange and get the same sized screw only smaller.

Well, easy for most people. In between actually making it to the store, I had a few Kara moments and lost the screw. Boo me. Erin told me to take in the bigger screw and just go for something smaller. She's so smart!

So this past weekend, that's exactly what we did. We came home with three different sets of screws, and guess what?

Do you see what I see?!

Hello upside down sewing machine!

Ah, there you are!!!  And here's a picture of the magic that makes this possible:

It's okay, I already know I'm a dork, you don't have to tell me.  The little things excite me. I am now officially ready for my lessons E!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. your cabinet looks great ... creative way to store your machine.

  2. that is so great! love the color too! {side note; my sister's name is kara, that's why i clicked on your name from ur comment on hope studios blog!}great job kara!

  3. Woohoo, it looks great and I'm glad it stays attached so well! Ok, just gimme a couple weeks and it'll be sewing lesson time. =)

  4. Your cabinet is gorgeous!!! I love that you restored it before learning how to sew!

  5. That is beautiful, I love love love it. I think I need one of those for myself.

  6. You transformed it into such a lovely piece of furniture...regardless of whether you ever use it for sewing!

  7. I just got an old sewing machine cabinet that is along the line of this one and I could not figure out how to attach my sewing machine to the shelf so when it is closed it will hide away inside. I have an older Singer model...did you just use one screw with washer and wing nut to attach machine?
    Is the next to last picture how the machine looks when you are ready to sew...the back is flush and the front is not? I got my cabinet from my parents and I love all the storage, but we were confused about actually attaching the machine. haha

    1. Yep, one screw with the washer and wing nut. The only thing it is flush against is the actual piece of wood that it mounts to. I had to do a few runs to understand how it worked, and it really came down to when I attached it saying "ah ha!". The storage is great - send me a picture if you're having a hard time and I'll try to see if I can figure it out for ya! Good luck!

  8. Thanks! I'll let you know if I run into a problem!


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