Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doorway to ... my back yard?

This was the sight of my back yard on Saturday:

One of the projects I took on shortly after we moved into this house, and shortly after Chris started school, was painting all of the baseboards. We were so fortunate that this house already had the large baseboards in the ENTIRE house. Our luck ran out there though...the previous owners GLUED all of the baseboards on instead of nailing them, so those bad boys aren't coming off in one piece.

Which means I spent numerous evenings while Chris was watching class or doing homework down on the ground with a bucket of white paint and my paintbrush.  I took the yellowish dirty dingy baseboards (and door trim) and made them white again.

Which was great, minus the fact that our new shiny white baseboards did not look so good up to the old, yellowy doors. Boo.

Lucky for me, my step-dad is a painter and loves me enough to do some work on his r&r time with his spray gun this past weekend while he was over visiting!  He sprayed on Behr's interior / exterior high-gloss ultra white, and the doors look amazing!

We removed every single interior door and closet door in the house and removed every single piece of hardware (hinges, knobs, etc) too.  Stay tuned for another post later this week to see the final product and her glory shiny whiteness in the house.  It makes me smile.

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