Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Close Encounter : Deer

It's not uncommon to see deer around our area. As a matter of fact, my niece wanted to see some deer while they were over, and we headed to the golf course right around the corner to show her some Saturday night. We see them quite often on our nightly runs or walks with Kodi.

It is uncommon to see them out during the day though. Yesterday, I had my second up close and personal encounter with one in the middle of the day.

My office that I work from overlooks our yard and the street. There's two windows...one for the street view, and one to view the front door. In December of last year, something caught my eye from one window as it raced towards my front door. A baby deer, completely confused, ran straight into my glass front doors. It bounced back, shook its head, and took off as fast as it's little legs could carry it. When I called Chris to tell him what just happened, he asked me what I was on. I promise you, a baby deer headbutted our front door.

Yesterday at lunch time, 11 a.m., as I got up to get my food, I saw a deer in my neighbors yard eating their grass. I took off with my camera to see if I could get a few shots.

First he posed:

Then he got camera shy and took off in the neighbors back yard.  This little guy was jealous and wanted his picture taken too, so I obliged.  I really am not a huge fan of squirrels because they tear up our pool screen, but this was too cute to pass up.

I stood there for a minute debating about what to do, and the deer decided to come back out from the neighbors yard for an up-close and personal view.

No, my lens is not zoomed in.  We both stood there frozen for a second, I snapped the picture, and he took off.  I don't think either one of us really liked being that close to each other!

He took off for the pond , and I let him go.  My heart was racing a million miles per second after being that close to him!

Not quite as crazy as the baby deer headbutting my door, but still pretty cool!!  And this time I was armed and ready with my camera.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Very Cool! It's the little things in life that can cheer us up. Hopefully you have a new friend and she comes to visit often...without eating all of your plants! :-)

  2. Wow! You got some great shots! Being the native Floridian that I am, I've never even seen deer this close! I've only ever seen them in the median on the interstate!

  3. Jenny - I love to look at them, but am scared about them eating my plants at some point! I've actually seen them in every neighbors yard but ours, and I think that's because of Kodi! They're scared of him, and he senses they're there long before we realize it. Hopefully I get the best of both worlds with that one!

    Paula - I'm a native Floridian too! One of the things we loved about this area that we moved to was that there was so much left unbuilt, big yards, lots of ponds, etc. It's a different sight for sure though!

  4. Deer are so pretty but are very fast aren't they?!?

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