Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Getting Old

As Kodi mentioned in his post, I was sick all week and most of the weekend.

I did, however, get started on a few smaller projects, and I also managed to escape the sick dungeon for a few hours on Saturday to get my hair done for a wedding we're going to next weekend, and to FINALLY get a new cell phone.

Both of those adventures made me realize that I'm getting old. My new cell phone is not sexy and sleek, it's rugged and durable and practical for me.

You would think I was a construction worker, not an Electrical Engineer, but I'm just clumsy. The guys at the V store had a good laugh at me using my cell phone that was in two pieces.

For my hair, I also went with a more practical look. I decided that until I start actually going into work instead of working from home, I'm letting my hair grow. My natural hair is curly and fro-y. I'm pretty sure I've seriously scared the Fed-Ex guy a few times when he's come by to deliver stuff with my short fro all over the place. With it longer, I can at least put it back in a pony tail.

So this weekend, I just had my girl trim off the dead ends, and then I did something even I was shocked by. I told the guy who highlighted my hair to go brown. He added in low lights, and then used toner on my existing blonde highlights to make it brown. It looks brown with tiny bits of blonde through it. It's more practical this way, and I don't have to either go every 2 months to get my roots touched up, or go looking awful for a month with bad roots showing. Yeah, when I start even thinking about my hair as practical, I know I'm getting old!

And because I knew you'd want to see a picture, I tried taking one with Chris.

And after he wouldn't cooperate, I tried taking one with Kodi...

And since he didn't cooperate either, and I don't take good self-portraits, especially without feeling really dumb, you're stuck with this pic to see the new brunette me:

It's weird to look in the mirror. I've been blonde my whole life. I can't really judge my hair-do altogether yet because I don't really like it long, I just don't like giving the Fed-Ex guy nightmares either. I think I'll let it stay this way for awhile, and maybe at some point add in subtle blonde highlights again. Maybe...who knows! I at least don't hate it, which is a good sign. Chris spent the latter part of the day Saturday and all day Sunday looking for his blonde wife.

I'll post more on my projects as the week goes on! Happy Monday!

I'm linking up my blooper pic with Kodi at Trendy Treehouses Shutter Love Tuesday.


  1. Looks very natural! Can't really tell how long your hair is though. Love you baby!

  2. Well, it's not long long still takes time to grow the stupid stuff out. I'm ready to shave it already though!!

    I was outside a lot in Boston this weekend and it's already lightened up some...grrrr!

    Love you too!


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