Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And I'm Back...

But exhausted! I can't believe I was only gone for 5 seems like I lived a life time. I think the most we slept was 5 hours one night.

Because It'd take me days to summarize our trip, and because some of the fun we had is not blog appropriate (Hi grandma and mom-in-law! Love you guys!), I'll just post a few pictures with mini recaps to hold you over until I catch up on my sleep. I actually forgot my camera all day Friday, so these are just from Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

We got into town and headed straight for the stadium. We tailgated at Cask'n Flagon's, which is literally right across the street from the stadium! Tailgating for Red Sox game is equivalent to tailgating for Gator Football games for all of you southerners like me that don't know those Northerners and their baseball!

Us at Fenway Park...Amazing!!

After the game, we drove to CT and met the rest of the crew out at the bars.

No pics from today. Chris went golfing on this amazing golf course and I went to the vineyards with the ladies. We both had SO much fun!! We got back in time to hurry up and do a quick change and head to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

We got up, worked out for a little bit, and then met the groom and the groomsmen for lunch. I helped get Chris ready and off to the wedding, and then the rest of us had A/C'd busses that took us from the hotel to the church then to the reception, and finally back to the hotel. What a wedding! So fun! We made some great new friends and had SUCH a good time!

We got up and went to brunch at the bride's parents house. It was so delicious and so beautiful! After we wished the new couple a happy honeymoon (and told them not to forget...happy wife equals happy life!), we took two new friends with us to Boston.

Our hotel was so nice, and right next to both the Harbor and the airport, so it was super convenient too! We ate outside overlooking the Harbor, then headed out for the night.

The original Cheers!

We walked ALL over Boston!! The history of that city is just absolutely amazing!
C: Go stand in the center of there so I can take your pic.
K: Umm, ok.
Chris stands with the camera to his face for 20 mins 20 seconds, but doesn't say anything.
K: Um, have you taken the pic yet?! (Click on the picture to look at my feet) Um, K...I''m done posing!

We also caught the T up to Harvard to see that campus. The buildings and the campus there were absolutely amazing as well. Do you think it's bad if I frame some of those pictures and put them on the wall for someday kids room?! They will, of course, be smart enough to get a full scholarship there!

I have 8 trillion more pictures, but in the interest of time, and blog post length, I'll leave it at those! We headed back Monday night and got up Tuesday morning and drove over from Melbourne. It was such a fun trip!

Between work and trying to get my house back in order from unpacking, I won't be doing any projects the rest of this week...but hopefully I can finish my 'small' projects this weekend!

Hope everyone's had a great week!


  1. Looks like it was a blast! Oh and btw, I'm still loving the new Kara hair. =)


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