Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gator Flag

After Friday's posting, most of you are probably Gator Football'd out (if there is such a thing), but since that's the only thing I managed to get 100% done this weekend, you get to live through two back to back Gator Football posts.  Lucky you!

We went up for the game, and while it wasn't the best of games, at least we got a W. I'll leave my football analysis out of my blog as much as possible, so that's enough of that.

This is by far not my best picture of the game, but when I was going through my photo's, this one made me laugh.  Look at #16 on the sidelines there pointing out which way to go.  Just in case the player with the ball forgot...so helpful!

We did do an upgrade to the front of our home this weekend.  Here's the Before


Amazing what a huge difference a little flag can make...it looks SO much better now!  :-D

You too can upgrade the exterior of your home to look this awesome.  Here's how:
Step1: Go to www.gatorzone.com and pick out flag.
Step2: If you've got good friends like me, tell them you like it and receive it as a birthday gift.
Step3: If you don't already have mounting hardware or a decent flagpole, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy one.
Step 4:  Hang flag.  Make sure to clip it to the front end so that it doesn't crumple up next to the house.

I know, I'm being a goof!  I do love it though.  Thanks Wells'!

Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the color addition

  2. Hi! Ya know how every now and then you stumble across a blog and the more you look around on it, the more you keep finding that you have in common with that blogger? That's totally what happened when I came to your blog, ha! First, my Ana White furniture-to-build list is also a mile long. My husband and I have been house hunting for 7 months so I've just been adding to the list, not starting a single project until we get in a house and we finally moved in last weekend, so projects are about to start! And my husband is already tired of hearing all my crazy project ideas. :) And the ones at the top of my list are the ones you have already built! Then, your doorknobs...so glad I found that! Just painted something with rustoleum the other day and have been trying to figure out the most cost effective option for the shiny gold door knobs throughout our house that have GOT TO GO. And I had wondered about spray-painting them oil rubbed bronze, so now I'm totally going to do it since I know it works well, sticks well, and looks great! Ummm...lab LOVER right here and now that we're in a house, getting one is a priority! And looks like I spend Saturdays the same way you do...watching Florida football! I have to admit, I am a Georgia Bulldog myself, but my little brother plays football for Florida (TJ Pridemore #45...he started at FB on Saturday!), so I've worn orange and blue the last two years and not made it to a single GA game. :) And being from Georgia, I have NO ONE to say Go Gators with, so "Go Gators!". Anyways, enjoyed your blog and can't wait to paint all my doorknobs...when it's not raining!

  3. Erin, what a sweet comment you left! We do have SO much in common, it's crazy! I'm going to pop over to your blog and leave you a more detailed comment there...thanks for coming over!

  4. Love your Gator flag! When I was in school at Florida, students and their dates got in free to the football games! We went to them all, hoping it was cool enough to wear our Fall outfits! I can still sing, "We are the boys from old Florida, F-L-O-R-I-D-A. Where the girls are the fairest. . ."
    Go, Gators!

  5. Love the post!! Like Erin, I too am a GA girl...I just happened to marry a Gator fan! Our family room in the basement is blue & orange with tons of Gator memorabilia! Although I have long list of to do projects...the first on my husbands list is construction one very tall flag pole in the front yard where he plans on flying the Gator flag on game day!!! :)


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