Monday, January 18, 2010


Chris and I went over to our friends, Erin and Chris's (yes, having husbands with the same first name can be confusing) for dinner, drinks, and games on Saturday night. We played one of my favorite games, Taboo. I'm not great at the game by any means, but it makes me laugh every time we play it. We played girls against boys.

I call Erin my paper twin because she's blonde, an electrical engineer, plays volleyball, and is goofy and social still like I am...oh, and we both met our husbands in college and they're both named Chris. She also thinks a lot like I do sometimes, which is key to winning Taboo.

Erin and I generally are teammates when we're playing with just the 4 of us...Erin used to hate the game, but I think it's growing on her :-). You can't help but think some of it is funny. If you don't know what Taboo is, check out the Wikipedia for an explanation here:

Some funnies from the past few times we've played Taboo:
Word: Diaper
My Chris: It's something that you use to catch the gross stuff on little's permanent.
Other Chris: Permanent?! Skin?!
...maybe that's why we don't have kids yet. Chris thinks those things are permanent.

Word: Arena
Me: It's a big place that you use a ball to play in.
Erin: arena
Boys: Seriously? How'd you get that?!?!

We had my cousin, who is somewhat liberal over, and his boyfriend during the holidays. The teams were me, my cousin, and the other Chris vs. my Chris, Erin, and the boyfriend.
Word: Critic
My cousin: It's what you'd call someone that doesn't agree with me.
Chris: outcast, NO, Republican.
Really Chris?!?! Really?!

Word: Port
Kara: Tampa has one of these.
Erin: Port.
Guys: Wha?!?!?

Erin and I do that a lot of times...helps that we tend to think alike in how we describe words! Thanks guys for having us over on Saturday...we had a great time, as usual! :-D

Hope everyone is having a Happy Monday!! I'll post another update on my goals sometime this week!


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