Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Adventures of Kara and Chris - Part 1

Theoretically, if you enter a wooded area that has a No Trespassing sign, and get a few miles in to see another No Trespassing sign to go a different direction, does that mean the initial way you entered the area was NOT no trespassing? I mean, if there's a No Trespassing sign in the middle of the woods, does that mean you weren't trespassing before, but you are now if you continue?!


Kodi jumped a fence and chased a deer (wink wink) into a no trespassing area of the woods. Naturally, Chris and I had to hop the fence to go get him. Since we were already there, we just kept going for a few miles. We came upon a 4 way split in the woods that had No Trespassing signs posted on 2 corners of the woods, but the path straight forward was good. Why in the world would you put up No Trespassing signs in a no trespassing area otherwise, right?

In my mind, that made us legit. Sort of.

We kept going and enjoying the outdoors when all of the sudden Chris yells "Truck, RUN, FOLLOW ME". He went running from our path straight into the woods like a bat out of hell. Naturally, Kodi and I followed him. Kodi wasn't on a leash, but he did a great job keeping up. Chris saw the truck on one of the side paths that we had just passed, and took off in the woods FOR that path. Direct bee-line TOWARDS where the truck was coming from.

His logic was that we were never going to out run a truck, but normal people don't run AT what you're trying to get away from, so they'd never suspect to find us there.

We are, obviously, not normal.

We ran for about 10 minutes through the woods as fast as we could and then when we thought we were pretty safe, we stopped to catch our breath. Our conversation went something like this:

Kara: Gasp Gasp "What the hell are we doing back here?!?!"
Chris: Taking deep breaths "I don't know, this is kinda dumb."
Kodi: Pant Pant "This is awesome Mom and Dad, lets play in the woods some more."

Kara: "Why did we run AT the truck?!"
Chris: "He'll never suspect us here!"
Kara: "What are we, 12?!?! Are we playing Fing Manhunt?!"
Chris: Grinning "Yeah, stay low, follow me."

I guess after seeing the truck, my mind decided maybe we weren't so legit after all.

So we got our adventure for the day, ran a little over 3 miles back to the initial fence we weren't supposed to trespass, and went home. Thankfully, we managed to make it home on our own 2 feet without help from any police officers.

One day we'll grow up. Maybe.


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  1. Your just jealous you didn't think to run in the direction of the truck through the woods...As our neighbor Nancy would say, "Penis logic" showed me the way.


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