Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to My Birthing Month! Take Two! my first "welcome to my birthing month" post I said I wasn't even entertaining the idea of going later than May for my due date because I live in Florida and it's too hot.

Well, Kalia has other plans, so I'm just along for the ride.  I've tried every sane old wives tale in the book, and she's just not ready to get here yet.  Plain and simple.  I actually went for a 4 mile walk on Sunday with Chris and Kodi, and as I was dragging my tired body up my driveway, one of the neighbors told me I should keep going so that I could walk Kalia out of me (to be fair, she had no idea that I was coming in from going that far).  Yes, I'm sure if I managed to walk for an entire week, she'd show up eventually!

But...without a doubt, she'll be here this month.  Very soon too...and that's all that matters!  One of my nieces birthday is June 17th, and she said it would be so cool if Kalia and her could share a birthday.  I told her that would not be cool at all!  She'll be turning 8, and she agreed with me that she was just ready for Kalia to get here now too.

This past weekend, Chris and I finally headed to the plant nursery to fill our empty planters.  We also ran to Lowe's, Marshall's, went out to lunch, ran to Wal-greens, and finally ended at Publix before heading home.  It's funny how differently you look at places when you're 40 weeks pregnant.  I notice where the bathrooms are first, and then second where a good place to lean against or something to sit on while we're deciding what to purchase.

Anywho, I thought I'd show you guys our pretty new plants today while I'm waiting for Kalia to get here.

We spent a few hours out here on Sunday and Monday, and I'm really loving the pop of color these plants add to the pool deck.  We were supposed to get rain on Monday / Tuesday, so that's why our hammock is missing...but I took a nap in that for a little bit on Sunday too...before getting up and heading on our 4 mile walk.  Sigh...restless exhaustion at it's finest!

Anyone else experience the 'over-anxious' neighbors or random people you run into at the stores telling you what to do to get your baby to come out any faster?  I feel like I should make a maternity shirt that says "what NOT to say to a 40 week pregnant woman" and put a list of things on it for people to read and think about before saying something.  I'm so anxious as it is already!!  Oh well, everyone means well by it...I know, I know!  40 week pregnant hormones + patience just don't go so well together these days!

I still have another room we gave a face-lift to to show you guys too, so stay tuned for that one!

Hope everyone's having a great week so far...Happy Wednesday!

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  1. oh my gosh, birthing month take two. that's too funny...definitely this month...right? lol. it would be a nice bday present for you if she was your present, no?

    what are those plants! i love them! is that first one a succulent that only flourishes in florida! ugh!

  2. OMG I want a giant backyard with a pool that I can do a net enclosure over like yours! What an awesome idea! I also love your plants :) Good luck getting that baby to come soon!!!

  3. Aww...people can be so insensitive to pregnant ladies sometimes! Well, it won't be much longer now, no matter what! Hang in there! I think that the average gestation is 41 weeks and 1 day for a first baby, so it is completely normal! (my first came at 41 weeks).

    The plants are gorgeous!

  4. Haha, I love that. Birthing month :) I hope she gets here soon.

    And I love the plants, especially the first one. Gorgeous

    New follower from the Wandering Wednesday hop

  5. I hear caster oil works but never tried it. Saw you on picket fences and I'm an engineer also, well I used to be. Now I stay home. Hope the baby gets here soon. Can't comment in Blogger today for some reason, oh well.

  6. Tomorrow, June 5th, is a great day for a birthday! I've always loved it! Unless, of course, Kalia has already made her grand entrance to the world. June is an all-around great month--love summer babies. My first was only one day late, and I thought THAT was too much.


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