Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pool Deck Additions

Our pool deck area is slowly, but surely becoming one of my favorite spots in our home. It might have something to do with the fact that I can't get cool enough no matter what I try with this ever-growing body, so the pool feels awesome... maybe combined with my new found love of floating around in the pool to take pressure off of this big 'ol body I'm rocking these days, or it just might be that our pool deck is awesome.  It's probably a combo of the two.

We looked around for new pool deck furniture and decided that wasn't in the budget right now.  Realistically, we can make half of what we want, and we can just be patient and wait until that time comes.  There are a handful of things that we did go ahead and purchase for out there though that make it so much nicer.

I showed you the finished redone pool deck back in April.  One of the things that's driven me bonkers about this outside area is the placement of the fan with relation to our table.

I guess only the person sitting on the end really needs to be cooled by the fan the way we had it setup previously.  Easy solution though, right?  Just move the table underneath the fan!  Yes, it takes me awhile to figure things out sometimes...I'm a little slow.

It leaves a bit of an empty area between the big table and the chairs we have in front of our bedroom doors, but I have a vision for what I want to go there.  I actually have something I'm going to work on to put as filler for now (assuming I don't go into labor prior to getting around to it!  stay tuned!), but my end vision for that area is for Chris and I to build a little kids table and put it in there so Kalia + future kiddos + future little friends have their very own table to sit at.  We go back and forth on whether or not to just build a couch for out here, but I think the table is more practical for us.

Oh, do you see my little pop of color that I added to our sitting area?

I just cut a few flowers from the trees in the back and put it in a vase.  This deck desperately needs more color, but this was the only thing I could do for free for right now.

Allright, back to the big table area.  If you look to your right from there, you'll see what used to be our outdoor kitchen area.  It still needs a ton ton of work, but I've got a design in my head that I've got to draw out and then we'll get to fixing it up.  In the meantime though, it got updated with a new deckbox.

Oh yeah, and we're using our sink plumbing as a towel rack. works!  We keep one towel out here all of the time to dry Kodi off with.  He has his own towels, and that dog loves him some towel time.

The deckbox is great because it's sturdy enough to sit on, and it hides some of our ugly holes that previously existed here from ripping out our old outdoor kitchen area.  Chris was so excited to get that deck box this past weekend because he had big plans on what he was going to fill it up with.

Hmmm...I don't know that I would call that full...but if the hubs is happy, I'm happy.  Actually, you can't see the tubes of the pool cleaner in here because they're lined up against the inside, but that was Chris's objective.  To get a big box to put Howie (the pool cleaner) in along with some other pool deck stuff.  Big boxes to store junk...right up my ally!

My plans for this area include a sink, but do not include a grill, so this box is hiding our need to stucco up the wall, which is perfect.  It might stay like that for awhile!

Continuing to the right from here is our grill and hose area.

For the longest time, we just had a hose that we threw against the wall here.  Well, I threw it, and Chris would try to ravel it up nicely.  We both absolutely love our 'hose pot'.

We got it from Restoration Hardware.  It looks like a cool planter out there, ties in with the blues and grays we've got going on, and completely hides the hose unless you're right on top of it.  On top of all of that, it's pretty easy to keep the hose organized and pretty looking in there...if it wasn't easy, I wouldn't use it.  I'm all about the easy factor!  And of course we love our grill cover...Go Gator's!  There's actually a really pretty looking Weber grill underneath there too, but with the Florida afternoon rains and humidity, the only way to keep it looking pretty is to add a cover.  No biggie...we love showing our Gator Pride!!

Continuing to the right from there, we come to our latest and greatest addition.

Our brand new hammock.  I might be so enamored with this because of the whole pregnancy thing, but this bad boy is the most comfortable thing ever.

I call it our boat.  We spent Sunday setting this bad boy up, and moving him around.  Initially we thought we'd want it in front of our bedroom area where the two chairs are, and it fit there, but it seemed kind of cramped. By the time we got it all setup and in position, it was almost dark, so we ate dinner, and then went out here and looked at the stars for at least an hour before coming into bed.  I think I want this thing to be my new bed.  I can lay on my back without feeling like it's going to break.

Oh, and Chris's deck box did get a little fuller.  When we're not using this, we just unclip the hammock and put that portion into the box.  Which really leaves us looking like we have a boat out here.

I added the empty planters back out there even though they're...well, empty.  We've got to either make or buy some of the elevated wheeled caster things to set these on so that when we water whatever plants are inside of them, we don't leave dirt just puddled up underneath the planters.  We've also got to get some plants to go in here...all in due time though!

Oh, and because everything is in the details, another one of my favorite elements out here is this guy :

My Dad and T. Mom got him for me for my birthday a few years back, and he just makes me smile.  He's the turtle equivalent of Kodi.  He looks beyond happy that he's about to jump into the pool.

See?  The smiles are similar!  Kodi's just happy that it's pool weather again.  If it's going to be 90+ degrees while I'm 9+ months pregnant, I'm beyond happy that we have this pool area.  Picture that smile on my face.  Or don't...that might be creepy...

So what do you think of our additions so far to the pool area?  Anyone else getting outside and soaking up some rays?  Is it Friday yet?!  I'm ready to head back out here!

Hope everyone's having a great week so far!
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  1. The pool area looks so inviting, it's all coming together wonderfully! I'd have loved a hammock when I was pregnant with my twins, although I doubt I would have been able to get out of it in a lady like fashion! Would be lovely nursing a little one swaying in a hammock, my boys loved been rocked!

  2. Your pool area looks amazing! I'm impressed that you're still doing so many projects while you're pregnant! I feel like I'd just be complaining the whole time and not moving, haha. =]

    It looks so sunny and beautiful there. I hope you guys enjoy it! =]

  3. What a beautiful pool area! I bet you really enjoy spending time there!

  4. What a wonderful space! Makes me want to go jump into your pool! You are going to love spending time there this summer, I know I would!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!

  5. Oooh love this. Can I come stay?

  6. I'm finally catching up on Wandering Wednesday's Blog Hop and have followed you via GFC.
    Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  7. Thanks gals! It's a mission to get in and out of the thing, but once I'm there...ahhh!!

    Morgan, it's amazing how much you think you want to rest, but then just can't!! I do my fair share of complaining too :-), haha, I just don't stop though! It's a process like ... lets do this, grumble grumble, this hurts, that hurts, oh yay, it's working out, i'm tired, oh yay it's finished! Haha...the contradictions of being a pregnant woman!

    Everyone's invited to our virtual pool party!! Woo Hoo!!


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