Monday, May 9, 2011

Tree Movers Take 2

Soo...raise your hand if you think it's a good idea for a 37 week preggo lady to move a big 'ol tree?!?!


Only me? Really?

Yeah...I figured as much.

My brain doesn't follow my body so well, and as I'm wrapping up the end of my pregnancy and getting so tired of not being able to do things that I normally could do, my brain is going crazy. Seriously. I spent Thursday / Friday mainly in bed because I wasn't feeling well and was so exhausted, and then Saturday I up and decided we needed to move a big 'ol tree TODAY. That was enough of this laying around crapola.

Actually, we did a bunch of stuff around the house all day, and then floated in the pool for about an hour before I decided it was time to get to work. Restless exhaustion at its finest!

See this tree?

Now you don't!

That tree had driven us bonkers (that might be my new favorite word, sorry!) for quite awhile. It grows like crazy, which is great, but not so much when it grows on your roof and your neighbors roof. And your neighbor is the kindest sweetest funniest oldish woman that doesn't do much of her own yard work at all. I planted a Magnolia tree for her last summer because she asked if she could borrow my tiny little hand shovel to dig out a hole to plant it. Her plan was to dig a little bit at a time until she had enough dug out to put the Magnolia tree in the hole. Which sounded absurd to me, so I just did it for her. Point being, she loves loved that tree there (I mean, adamantly loved), but we did not love cutting it off of both of our roofs every few weeks.

We have visions for our back corner area of our fenced in yard being a sort of garden / tree / shade area.  We started making it this way last March when we moved a few trees back here.  We moved 2 Magnolia trees, 2  Maple trees, and whatever that big huge pink thing is back there that I love.  Only one of the Maples and the pink thing survived.  Both Magnolia's died.  I secretly think Chris was back there peeing on them every day to make sure they died because he hates Magnolia trees (something to do with childhood trauma and having to clean up millions of leaves).

Anyways, after a little of this :

And some of this...

Hey...nothing like putting some of my newfound preggo weight to good use here!!

We got...giranimo!!!!

(We took a time out to remove the fence panel before actually heaving this bad boy over.  So much easier to carry around the back yard than all the way around the front yard!)

We rinsed out all of the dirt to make it a bit lighter...

Woop!  Happy Hubs!  Tree is down!!

Next came the hard part...dragging the stupid thing to the back corner.  We made it about 1/4th of the way there before taking a break.

I honestly thought the tree might stay here for the night.  That thing was heavy, and poor Chris was heave-ho-ing most of the weight.  I managed to be somewhat helpful up until this point, but once we took the break, my legs did not want to do squats anymore to pick this thing up.  Because any of you that are pregnant or ever have been pregnant know that when you're this far along, you do not bend over, you do squats.  If you bend over, there's a high possibility that you could topple over forwards and never recover.

But...we were determined, and in the end, this tree made it to the back.  I might or might not have said "I wish you were Hulk Hogan" to my hubs at some point during this.  He might or might not have responded back with something or another about not being able to take the physco out of wife regardless of how pregnant I am.  Awww...the love we have for each other!!  At least we make each other laugh a lot!

We dug a big huge hole, and after a few unsuccessful tries, managed to get the thing standing upright and covered in dirt.

I think the angle I took this at makes it look crooked.  Or maybe it's crooked looking from the doesn't look that way from the front!

That's a view of the tree from the back.  You can see how massive it is from this point of view.  I don't know why I thought it'd be no big deal to move it.  Chris might have a point on the physco wife thing.

Oh, and the entire reason that we moved that tree was because of this one...

This is Kalia's Mango tree that we planted.  It's supposed to get really big, so we needed another really big tree on the other side of it to balance it out.  I think we're technically supposed to wait until Kalia gets here before planting a tree for her, but we're so close, and completely ready!

Here's how the back tree area looks with both of these in their new homes...

Kalia's mango tree has some catching up to do.  Oh, and we moved that flower bush thing back there on Friday night too, but that wasn't as much of an effort.  The big huge tree on the right took the cake.  Now if only the grass would magically fill itself in...

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Mother's Day!!  My boys cooked me breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and Kodi even floated in the pool with me.  Kodi and I soaked up our last Mother's Day together with it just being him and I!  (Yes, we really have a dog that will lay in a float and float's the funniest thing ever.  To see it click on the link above).

Happy Monday!
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  1. i can not BELIEVE you were out there with that tree. and moving it. you're crazy, lol. kalia's tree has some major catching up to do..hope it grows fast!

  2. We must be soul mates...cause i did the same thing many times when i would be pregnant. Just seems like a good time to do things 'Right Now'! Your yard is nice! Love trees and such!

    New Follower! Hope you can stop by for a visit.
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  3. Good Job Way to Go! It takes two baby! Cute couple!
    I am your newest GFC follower. I am following you via the MMM blog hop. Please follow me.

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    Thanks have a great day!

  5. Haha...I can't believe I was out there either...but it seemed like the thing to do, so I did it!!

  6. Thanks for sharing...
    Currently, I'm searching about tree movers. But you give me a new idea.
    Keep it Up...


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