Monday, January 31, 2011

Nursery Room - Window Intallers

If I took the time to write everything we did on the nursery this weekend in this post, I'd be here for an hour, and you'd never pay attention long enough to get to the end of the post!

Friday night we had a typical date night at Home Depot to get everything ready for a buzillion projects.  Saturday morning, bright and early, we got to work on the nursery.  Here's what it looked like when we walked in:

During the week, I had primed all of the trim and lower part of the walls, and Chris primed the upper part of the walls, and for extra credit, he primed the closet too.  You can see a swatch of my tester color on the wall.

Saturday morning, I got up and primed all the way up to the ceiling (initially we were going to do crown molding in here, but after project after project cost wise kept adding up at Home Depot, we nixed that idea), and then got to work on painting the ceiling white.  While I was doing that, Chris was busy doing this:

Chisel, chisel, chisel, bang, bang, bang.  After the ceiling had one coat of paint on it, we actually made another run to Home Depot to grab a larger chisel, and then I painted the second coat of white paint on the ceiling while Chris chiseled away at the window with his larger chisel.

And after about another hour or two of chiseling and trying to minimize the amount of stucco work that he was going to have to repair on the outside, Chris got impatient.

And he got the window out.  Can you see the missing glass?!  Wonder where it went?!

Here's a better shot.  Ahhh, yes...all over the floor next to the closet that I was just getting ready to paint.  Nix that idea!  We went ahead and cleaned up the bedroom and removed the carpet instead of vacuuming up a million glass pieces, and then went on our way of installing the new window.


Yep, we can add window installers to our expanding resume list of home improvement things we can do if this whole Engineering gig doesn't work out for us in the long run.

And here's a picture of my pretty while ceiling:

Yes, I know it's not as exciting as the new window, but my arms and shoulders still hurt from it, so I have to show it off.

Just as a reminder, here's where we started off Saturday morning:

And here's what we went to bed with it looking like Saturday night:

All in a days work!

Primed, painted ceiling, goodbye old carpet, goodbye old window, HELLO new window!!  Oh yes, and if you look closely, you'll see the tiny bit of closet paint I got on the wall.  I was determined to at least some color there before the day was over.  I tried to convince Chris to let me go ahead and paint the closet after dinner, but he made me take a shower and get in bed instead.  I was fast asleep before 8 p.m., and I didn't wake up (cept to do the normal pregnancy pee thing) until after 8 a.m. on Sunday morning.  It was a long, but very productive, day!!

All day on Saturday, we sang "That's the sound of Chris and Kara working on the nursery, uursery, oh don't you know, that's the sound of Chris and Kara working on the nursery".  You've got to sing it fast to make it sound right.  Good times!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  Stay tuned to see the more 'fun' update to the nursery progress.  Things like primer, painted ceilings, removing carpet, and replacing windows are more of the necessities, not the fun part.  But the fun parts coming soon, I promise!

Happy Monday!
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  1. WOW girl! You are knocking it out! I just cannot wait to see what all you do with the nursery. You guys made such great progress!

  2. i love how you said typical date night-glad it's not just us! doesn't help that we practically live across the street from one! nursey is coming along...can't wait to see more!

  3. You two are on a mission! It is so fun to do your first nursery! I cherish that memory. All 3 of my boys used the same crib set because I loved it so much and I sewed it all. ;-) I love your date night....boy do things change! Love your Hawaii pictures, WOW a whole month, how very fun!!!
    Can't wait to see more! cami

  4. Congrats on getting it done! And I agree, painting ceilings is tough work! It's handy that the carpet needed to be torn out! hee hee

  5. Wow, all in a days' work, huh??? Can't wait to see more :)


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