Friday, January 28, 2011

My To-Do List 2011

Whew, you guys sure are exhausting!!  Looking at your to-do lists from last Friday's giveaway post (the giveaway is open until 8 p.m. EST enter HERE if you haven't yet!!) is making my list feel more and more normal.  So thanks for that!

In the spirit of sharing, and because it's been floating in my head all January, I thought I'd share my to-do list with you guys.  I'm trying to limit this to just house projects, so the whole child bearing and being a good Mom thing isn't on here...but those are most definitely my top priorities!

1. Transform the junk room into a nursery

  • paint the ceilings, walls, trim, and closet
  • rip out old carpet and install new flooring
  • install a new window
  • install a new fan
  • build and install bookshelves for the wall
  • build and install custom closet
  • find and refinish an old dresser for a changing table
  • make nursery bedding
  • decorate
2.  Finish the pool deck to be able to at least bring in the furniture
3.  Learn to sew (see make nursery bedding!)
4.  Re-do the laundry room
5.  Re-do the entry closet.  Build a storage locker system to go in there.
6.  Re-do our master bedroom
7.  Decorate the living room
8.  Build pottery barn bar thingy to go in kitchen

I actually have more in my head, but I'm starting to get stressed out just thinking about how much I want to get done this year!!  I'm actually REALLY excited about the nursery, which is the only thing on this list that I MUST get done in 2011.  Oh, and 2 and 3 would be super nice...2 because it's been an ongoing project, and 3 because I can't finish the nursery stuff without learning how to sew.  The rest on that list though would just be icing on the cake.  Although with a wee one in tow, I'm guessing the laundry room redo will move up on that list too.

I'm so grateful that I have my husband back to do all of this with too!!  Poor guy...I've completely taken his newfound 'free' time that he had due to being done with his Master's program and filled it all up!  

Happy Friday everyone!  Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to see if you've won the $35 giftcard!!

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