Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How NOT to dye curtains

I think I've at least hinted on here before the fact that I'm not patient.  Here's another confession : I rarely follow instructions too.  I skim over them most of the time, and if they won't work for me, I just skip 'em.

Apparently Rit dye products mean it when they say fabrics with 50% or more polyester content don't accept dye.

So these purple curtains from my Master Bathroom Update :

Regardless of how well I stirred and stirred and stirred...

Even if I left them in the bucket for a full week (a little rain never hurt anyone, right?!...that's rain water addition, not hose water addition...oops!) ..

Were never going to turn brown.

Oh wait, there's a tiny sliver of brown in you see it?! me on this one, cheapo rit dye products and cheopo polyester curtains do not mix well!  Oh well, better luck on the next project, right?!

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Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Dyeing is always chancy. I have had a problem with it taking more in one area than in others. Then it looks like a failed tie-dyeing job.

    It was work a try, though!

  2. It's not you ... dyeing doesn't seem to work. I don't the products are good enough for the "PRO DIYer"

  3. Dying curtains can be cumbersome if you do not have any previous experience. So learn


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