Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finishing a Goodwill Shelf

A looong while back, when I got my Pottery Barn shelves from Goodwill, I also got another shelf for the daybed room. I actually almost didn't get it because it was $10, but decided that since I didn't have to sand off any of the old paint (it came unfinished), and it had a few curves that I liked, I'd splurge.

I've gone through my pictures to try to find one that I took of this shelf before I did anything to it, and I can't. I purchased these shelves back in April or May, and because I have about 10 projects going on at any one time, it's sometimes hard to figure out which folder I put the pictures in on projects that take awhile. Sorry!

My T. Mom gave me a gallon of green paint when I was over there last, so I first painted this shelf with that (I do love me some free paint!!).

Of course that was entirely too boring to just leave it at that, so I spray painted my heirloom white over top of the green, and then sanded it down with my 100 grit sand paper to get the green to show back through.

While that was more interesting than just the flat color, and I was really loving the look of the characters of the wood showing through, it still didn't have the wow factor that I was going for.

To finish the shelf off and give it that extra wow factor, I dry brushed on the same turquoise paint I've used for my sewing machine cabinet and my other shelves, and then hung it in its new home.

Ahhh...SO much more interesting!!

I really love all of the colors in the shelf because it really does a great job at pulling in quite a few of the different bright and fun colors in that room.

I don't love the decor on the shelf yet, but it's what I had lying around, so it's what gets put up for now!

All I'm missing in this room is window covers, a rug, and building a corner table...and maybe a mirror.  Hmmm...I'm sure I can come up with something else, but I really love the way it's all coming together.

And just as a reminder of where this all started back in May, here's the before...

What a difference 5 months makes, huh?!  (To see each step I did in detail, see the following links : painting the floor, building the left daybed, building the right daybed, finishing old Pottery Barn Shelves, Re-doing a Sewing Machine Cabinet, Making the Yellow Pillows, and Making the Florally Pillows).

I won't be posting tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Love the change to that room! Great makeover.

  2. looks good! i see so many of these at my thrift store, and i think that i should get them b/c they are there and they are cheap, and surely i could use them. except, i really don't think i can. but i have to talk myself away from them every trip there!

  3. What a fabulous finish! I love it. And the room in general is super! great job.

  4. Nice blog! I love to see DIY projects! I found you on the Remodelaholic link-up. I am one of your newest followers!!

  5. It's so fun! I love how just a little paint and sandpaper can make something simple into something so unique and fun! Wonderful job :)

  6. This is so cute! I found you through TGC party- and I just posted some drawers that are almost identical in color and 'old-ness' to your cute shelf! so funny! This looks great.... I'm off to paint any old piece of wood I can find laying around!!!
    Thanks for posting this

  7. You are sooo busy! I seriously don't know where you find the time - but I love seeing all the progress!

    Cute shelf! Would love for you to stop by this weekend and link up to Passion for Paint!

  8. What's the flooring in that room? It looks like stained concrete? Very nice!

  9. Beautiful shelf! It looks fabulous in the room! I love LOVE the daybeds!

  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments!! You guys are too sweet!

    Rebekah - the flooring is actually painted concrete. We couldn't figure out what we wanted in there and our $20 solution has worked out great! The post for it can be found here : .

  11. Great job! Thanks so much for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day!! :)

  12. Thanks for linking up with Sassy Sites for "Trash to Treasure Tuesday". :)

    -Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  13. Another GORGEOUS makeover! Thanks for linking it up to Thrilling Thursday last week @ Paisley Passions :)


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