Monday, June 21, 2010

Love is Patient

I overheard Chris on the phone yesterday morning with his Mom and Step-Dad having a good laugh at my expense over my running the lawn mower through the fence ordeal, and I realized that I forgot to blog about it. And since I'm a big fan of people laughing, whether it's at my expense or not, I decided that would be my blog topic today.

First, let me start by showing you my beast of a lawn mower that I (yes, I, not the hubby) mow with:

She's a beast and I love her.  She acts up at times, but the love is still there.  Her name is Bessie.

When Chris and I moved into this house in April of last year, we spent a day unloading and moving our stuff into the house, and then immediately starting working on putting up a 400 linear foot fence.  We've got a 1/2 acre, and a Kodi, so that fence had to go up ASAP.  Initially we had quite a few helpers, and for one reason or another, it wound up being just Chris and I until my T. Mom came over to help save the day.

So the fence has meaning.  We built it.  We love our fence.  We worked hard for that fence.  It was the very first DIY project at our 'forever home'.

There's a tight corner on one side of the yard that Bessie barely fits in, but I still try every single week to mow as close as possible to the landscaping and the fence.  I got in too close to the panel of the fence to make my turn, so I put Bessie in revere to get out of there.  Or so I thought.

I didn't switch the lever all the way to reverse, and when I pulled on the arm handle that says reverse, Bessie flew forward.  Crack.

Lucky for me, the top was still attached.  Chris came running around from the other side frantically asking if I was okay, and this is what he saw:

I was physically fine, but emotionally peeved.  So, I did what comes naturally to me (and probably most wives) and blamed him.  I told Chris it was his fault that I ran the mower through the fence because he didn't edge a wide enough area, so I had to try to get it with the lawn mower.  Whaaa?

Chris just looked at me, shook his head, sort of grinned, and walked away.  After I finished mowing the rest of the yard, I went to put Bessie up and apologized, and we worked together to put the fence back in working order.

The whole lawn mower ordeal made me realize something.  I tell Chris constantly that it's a good thing that we have Kodi to teach him patience before we have kids.  He used to have none.

I think that maybe being married to me, who is the biggest klutz, super accidentally destructive, accident prone, and we can do anything (like literally, lets try to move mountains) type attitude has taught him quite a bit of patience over the years.  Good thing...because if our someday kids are anything like either one of us destructive wise, we'll need lots and lots and LOTS of patience!

So what about you?  Are any of you as destructive or accident prone as I am?  Please do tell if so!


  1. At least Bessie didn't get hurt by the whole ordeal. Reminds me of the time I pulled the pressure cleaner into the pool! I never got that close to the pool again with it.
    Love Ya, MOM

  2. Please don't tell me that is the pressure washer you gave to us??

    If so, that explains a lot of my issues with it....Grrrr....

  3. Woah Woah Woah Mom...I think you meant to say at least I didn't get hurt in the whole ordeal, right?!

    And Chris...the pressure washer just has a little bit more character now, just like the fence does!

    Love you guys!


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