Friday, April 29, 2011

Nursery Room - Gallery Wall

I had this vision for a eclectic gallery wall for Kalia's nursery using different types of frames and just spray painting them all black to make sure they all tied in not only together, but with the alphabet wall art too.  Then my OCD / engineering / anal side kicked in, and I couldn't do anything other than something that was completely symmetrical.  I hate it when my Engineering side conflicts with my creative side, but I guess I'm thankful to have both sides to be honest.  It's an odd combination, for sure!

To test out my gallery wall idea, first I laid out the pictures with the mirror to see how they all worked out together.

This was after I had already painted the mirror, but before I had built the frames.

Really, once I got the frames built, I realized that only two of the 5 x 7 pictures were going to fit.  I'll probably replace these photos with my maternity pictures or pictures of Kalia when she gets here!  I love that everything is switchable!

Chris and I measured and hung the frames for the left side...

and the right side...

Then I found an adorable lamp that fit in perfectly to the same shade of pink and added that to the top of the dresser (on sale for $25 at Kirklands!).  Here's what Kalia's dresser wall looks like altogether :

Close-up :

I still have to get a changing pad for her to put on here.  We intentionally hung this wall higher than we'd actually really like to because we don't want little fingers grabbing these off of the wall.  When she gets old enough, or when I find something that inspires me, we'll probably add something to the bottom of this gallery wall to balance it out a little bit more.

Here's the view when you walk in her room :

And here's how it ties in from that view with the crib / part of the closet.

Three walls down, one left to go!  Kalia's nursery really is coming together...I love going in there and just sitting.  I can't wait for her to get here!!  I might say that a million more times within the next month!

My favorite part of doing her nursery...

Here's where we started with this wall :

Before : gross carpet, gross paint, gross baseboards

and one more of what it looks like today!

After : new floors, freshly painted ceiling, baseboard, and walls, homemade dresser, gallery wall art!
Ahh...SO much better!!  We've come such a long way!  Hope everyone has a great weekend...TGIF!

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  1. beautiful room, great gallery wall! I am dying over that amazing crib!
    I am just finishing up my nursery (due in june!) and the next and last project is the art gallery wall. I am having all of my artist friends make the artwork for her room.
    stopping by from remodeaholic and am now a new follower! thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks great! And I love the baby's bed!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Cute gallery wall! It looks perfect!

  4. Lovely art gallery! I really love the blue dresser and the red lamp! I am in love with the shade of blue you used!

  5. love the picture set up....and the crib is divine.

    kathryn @

  6. This is really cute - the whole nursery looks great!

  7. I thought I loved the other walls, but each one keeps getting even better than the last! I love your creative/engineer combination... although I might a little partial ;) I love the balance of the art and the lamp is absolutely perfect with the dresser!!

  8. This looks great! I think I would have ended up with something symmetrical too. If it wasn't it would big me all the time if it wasn't exactly perfect. Very cool crib also!

  9. I love this gallery idea.... but, forgive me... I'm IN LOVE with your CRIB!!!! If I may ask... where did you find that?!
    I'm following you from the Sugar Bee Crafts linking party.
    Please follow me at:

  10. Your nursery is FANTASTIC!! I love your crib too.

  11. Thanks gals!! So sweet! The crib is Bratt Decor (post about it here : Hope that helps! I saw them and fell in love with it too...and I HAD to have it. Bonus to finding a great deal!

  12. what a great idea and looks so awesome

  13. That is so clever and lovely.

  14. it looks great in there! i love the mirror and the dresser being blue.

  15. What a cute room!! I especially love the great frames with the little clothespins - brilliant! With the different fabric options and millions of pictures you can change out, the possibilites are endless! Love it!

  16. So cute, I need to start work on my nursery. Visiting from Between Naps on the Porch!

  17. What a nice nursery! Love the wall and your crib.

    If you have a moment you would really appreciate it if you would stop by Vintage Revivals and vote for me. I am one of 5 finalists in her HUGE room makeover giveaway. I would really love to win. Thanks Vote #3 :)

  18. Your gallery wall is lovely. The colours you chose for the frames goes well with everything.

  19. I just love your room, and the clothes pin idea in the frame. We just got a home and I cannot wait to try this for Christmas.


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