Saturday, April 30, 2011

Go Big or Go Home!!!

That's one of Chris and I's favorite sayings to each other. We say it as we're laughing at some epic fail moment that we've got to figure out how to turn into a learning experience. in tune with our epic fails, we're entering our epic fail of a game room / formal living room

into ...

Yep, the Epic Room Giveaway from Mandi at Vintage Revivals.

Mandi is so talented with her DIY skills, and I would love to have a 3rd (and 4th - her sis is coming along to the winners home too!) set of hands / eyes / ideas to help turn this ...

epic fail of a room into something completely amazing.

Now, in general, I am pretty proud of all of my DIYing skills. I'm pretty confident in my ability to take a room and transform it into something I love.

But I'm 9 months pregnant, and I'm tired...and this house is big. It's huge, mad, big, and my creativity is wearing thin. And I promised Chris that our bedroom would be what I focused on next, which means that I'll spend a buzillion months in there this year. And this room...this pathetic, sore eye of my entire house room, really REALLY needs attention.

We bought this furniture when we moved into our first house, right after graduating college. My college living room couch had been in my college house for 3 years. That thing was just gross, and we were in a hurry to get rid of it and get our first set of grown up furniture.

But palm trees everything?! UGH. I mean, how much more stereotypical Florida decor can you get? This is what you expect to see in some Grandma home...or in a Florida styled hotel. Not in a young couples living room.

Oh, and the worst part about this sore eye of a room? It's the VERY FIRST thing you see when you enter through our front doors.  So people think this is our style.  Perfect.  Great.

Hi, want to see what bad taste my Mom and Dad have?  It's really embarrassing...come on in!
Another huge fail of this room is the lack of any light.  See this light?

It's the only one that is sort of in the entire room.  And I have no idea what to do with this big giant area that's just sparse and blank prior to where our palm tree themed area rug starts.  It's just a lot of open space.  Any help would be SO appreciated!

Our vision / plan for this room is to make it a game room.  We want it to be a fun game room for not only us, but our future kids as well.  Granted, Kalia would only be a month or two old when Mandi came, but this is our forever house...and I want to make every room fun, functional, warm, and welcoming.


This isn't any of those.

I would have absolutely no problem re-doing anything that currently exists in this room.  Mandi can transform broken dishes into an amazing lamp, so I have 100% confidence that if she says she can make these ugly things look modern, she can.  She really is amazing.

And I'm not exactly handicapped when it comes to building / transforming / painting / idea-ing / crafting.  Can you imagine if the two of us, with the accompaniment of her sister and my hubs, could do to this room?!  We could build stuff, we could re-purpose stuff, we could thrift shop...ohhh...the possibilities are endless!!

Oh wait...there's one thing that I bought for this room that I really love...

Yeah, I bought this dartboard for Chris for Christmas from Restoration Hardware on clearance...a year and a half ago.  Christmas 2009.  That's how long I've had intentions of redoing this room.  And I've epically failed.

So why should Mandi come to my house to help with this epic fail of a room?
Because ...

  • We live in the sunshine state of Florida.
  • We are both serious DIY'ers and would be up for building / refinishing / ANYTHING to make this room not look like some Grandma's room and a game room instead.
  • We'll have a newborn baby (a few months old) that will undoubtedly be adorable!!
  • We have an awesome pool deck area to chillax on after a long hard day of DIYing.
  • You would make this guy very very happy if you came!!!

Yes, having a newborn is going to be crazy and hectic, but oh my goodness, having someone's vision to implement in this room shortly after she gets here would just make me feel ... so me.  I'm so ready for a big room remodel, but I need vision and ideas!!  This pregnant brain is just eating all of my brain power, and I need Mandi to come here and help.

So Mandi, please please PLEASE bring your awesome self to our home.

No...I'm not above begging!!!  Peeps of my blog that love me, please go over and vote for my entry starting Sunday to help this soon-to-be new Momma out!!  Thanks!

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  1. The room's space is almost overwhelming, a big room is not usually a bad problem to have :-) I think you could probably cozy up the room by pulling the furniture out from against the walls. Use the couches to break up the space. Good luck!

  2. I voted :) Good luck -- sounds like a great prize to win!!! I agree with Julie -- first thing I thought when I saw your room was to pull out the furniture from the walls...but it's hard, I know. I've had 2 huge living rooms and don't feel I've done either one of them justice. . .my current one sat empty for 2 years -- ugh. The walls seem slanted away too. . .is that right or just the angle of the picture? There are some design services out there too (Layla at The Lettered Cottage comes to mind) that can transform your room and/or give ideas to you. . .anyway, hope you win b/c I know you'll blog all about it and then we'll win too seeing the makeover through your eyes!!!

  3. I voted for you. Hope you win. Good luck on the birth of your baby girl.. They are such a gift.

  4. I know I'm a bit late with this comment, I was browsing your dining room and stumbled into this room....but....I super love those folding room divider things. And if you're on a budget then you can make your own with some bits of wood, hinges and then fabric or paper or whatever you fancy. Then you can create a sort of entrance hall space and have the divider over the living room or pull it back if you're having a big party and want the space open. It's not a huge help I know, but it's something! xx

  5. Oh, it's never too late to comment on a post! Thanks gals for your votes...maybe next time! I do have some 'ideas' for in problem starts with the fact that I want to empty EVERYTHING out of this room and start all over again. Annndd...that's unfortunately not in the budget right now!

    Jennibell, yep, they're slanted! I'm slowly but surely getting my main living room (same hugeness factor) up to par, but it does take quite awhile to find the right 'piece'.

    Thanks sweet!

    Samantha ... such a great idea with the room divider! My end vision is putting up a half wall for the entry way so I can use that open space before the actual room starts, but a divider would be an awesome tester piece!

    Thanks again ladies!


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