Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Family Cuteness

I lied, you get a Friday post too!  One of my sisters has been here most of this week for one of my nieces (Ashlyn) to have surgery.  We're so glad that we could visit with them, even if the circumstances were less than ideal.  My other niece (Kaylyn) made a card for Kalia, and sent it over with my sister.  I have to share it, it's too cute!  Kaylyn's been asking Chris and I for quite some time when we were going to have kids.  She's eight.

Here's her card she drew for Kalia :

Front (yes, she made her card backwards...adds to the cuteness factor!!) :

I'm pretty sure they were unsure how to spell Kalia's name initially...and since I'm notorious for not answering my phone, hehe, Kaylyn just used a K.

How cute is this?!?!  I'm pretty sure Kaylyn got confused on adding her sister she scribbled her out.  Because Ashlyn isn't Kaylyn's cousin, it's her sister...and this drawing is for cousins.

Did you see the cutest part?!  Here...I'll zoom in for you...

Kaylyn drew herself holding Kalia.  How cute is that?!?

I love that even my nieces are excited for Kalia's arrival!

Hope everyone's having a great Friday and has a great weekend!  More nursery projects are taking place here...hopefully I've got something done to show you guys on Monday!
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  1. omGOODNESS! Our dogs could be twins!! And I love, love, love mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight!
    Good luck on the giveaway!

  2. Cute post, but I might be biased ;-) Ashlyn is still recovering well. I wonder how long she'll bleed for, but it's only a little on each new cotton ball. I'm scared to wash her hair, haven't done that yet, but will probably do today since she has T-ball pictures. Going to take the original bandage off her skin graft today, blow dry, and re-bandage. That will be interesting. Thanks again for letting us stay with you...means a lot! I love you lots.


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