Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A.D.D. at its finest

The weekend of my Tampa baby shower, we had a house full of people.  We have four bedrooms and an office room in here, and every single one was booked.  We actually had to have two people (thanks Jenny and Christina!) bring their own air mattresses so they had something other than the couch or floor to sleep on.

The Wednesday before everyone arrived, on our nightly walk, Chris and I were talking about how much we needed to get done around the house to prep for everyone getting here.  Our fridge was empty, the floors needed to be mopped, the bathrooms needed to be cleaned, I needed to fold and put away my laundry, and everything just in general picked up, amongst other things.  I don't know about you guys, but when we're busy projecting, much of the rest of the house gets pretty neglected.

So we got home, made and ate a quick dinner, and decided we were going to go our individual ways to get our specific chores done.  Normally we do things together, but my preggo belly limits what I'm capable of getting done, so I pick the 'easy' tasks while Chris does the chores that includes chemicals and things that are going to kill my back to do.  We put our hands in, said "ready...break" and went about our business.  Yes, we're dorks...I know.

Our house is large enough that it's easy to lose each other in the midst of tasks.

About an hour later, I came inside from the garage to see how Chris was doing.  Let me digress a bit and explain that when we moved in, we had a full speaker system throughout the house.  It was so rocking the 1980's vibe with its yellow face plates and huge knobs.  As we've redone every room, we've removed the speaker...but not necessarily fixed the holes that the speaker was in.

I asked Chris to spackle the hole we made in Kalia's closet when he got a right after we built the closet, and when I came in last Wednesday, this is what I came into :

Kalia's closet is now spackled

The speaker hole in the daybed room is now drywall patched and spackled

As is the speaker wall in our bedroom

Along with this little hole in our vanity / closet area. (Sorry for the pic quality, no natural light comes in this area!)
I put my hands on my hips and asked Chris why the heck that was important to do before everyone got here, and he grabbed my hand off of my hip and directed me to the garage, where I'd been hiding for the last hour doing this :

Hmmm...he had a point!  Apparently it was more important in Chris's mind to patch the holes than do any of the actual cleaning chores, and it was more important in my mind to get the first coat of blue on Kalia's dresser than it was to take care of this mess :

This is my pile of clothes that I frantically try on anytime I have to go out in public.  They all cover my big 'ol pregnant belly, but for some reason I have to put all of them on before I can decide on an outfit!
or this one...

Chris does laundry in our house.  Most of the time I get a pile of neatly folded clothes on my side of the bed.  Chris apparently ran out of steam to do laundry too and just threw them all up on my dresser!

We actually did get the house to a 'good enough' state, with all of this stuff picked up, before everyone got here on Friday.  Even if it wasn't really what our A.D.D. selves wanted to do!  And we even had dinner on both Friday and Saturday night, as well as breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, and lunch on Saturday ready for everyone too!

And then once everyone left...I passed out!  Just keepin' it real!

Oh, and on a side note...don't get too excited about the bright blue you see on the dresser.  It's gone through a million different steps since I took that picture...that's just a sneak peak of the base layer!

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. I do the same thing when I have people coming. I do all the things that I really don't need to be doing. But the things I want to do!

  2. That makes me feel so much better about myself- the ADD part- my laundry is much worse! :)

  3. Oh, because I do that too, not because I don't ever do that- I am procrastinating projects as we speak!


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