Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nursery Room - Window Treatments

The nursery is starting to get some life to it!  Because we're doing a lot of diy work in there, things have to happen in a certain order.  Chris hates putting things on the wall, but agreed that after the quarter round molding was up, the next thing that needed to get put up was the curtains.

I bought the 79'' Hava double curtain rod from Ikea.  Well, we only really needed 75'' for above our window.  The rod wasn't really adjustable on its own, so Chris got out the pipe cutters and with a little twisting magic...

We got rid of the extra 4'' very easily.

We put this cut side against the closet wall, where no one will ever know the difference!  I think we could've shoved the end caps back on, but it really didn't seem worth the effort.

I just learned this trick when hanging curtains over at Young House Love.  When drilling the holes for the screws to anchor your rod into, put a piece of folded tape under where your hole is going to go to catch the excess drywall that will fall out.

That way, your mess is on the tape, and not on your floor!

Chris thought this was the coolest trick ever!  Ahh...the little things!

The curtains I got from Ikea.  I thought I hated them the first bit that they were up.  Actually, I thought I hated them until we finished up a million more projects this weekend, and now I think they're perfect.  I'm going to make tie backs to hold the curtains together ('m debating between the plum/pink color or the white color, which is why my two scraps of fabric don't match), and we're planning on adding some bamboo blinds to cover the window in here too.

When Erin and I initially bought these curtains, I loved the idea that the white in front calmed down the pink while still allowing some of it to show through.  So it doesn't scream "HEY, I'm a PINK CURTAIN, LOOK AT ME!!!", it's more of a pretty in pink thing it's got going on.  And I liked that the pattern on the white brought in some softness and girliness to the room too.  Chris says with most of my tastes, our little girl is going to have gender identity issues.

But, if I'm being honest, I think this picture makes the curtains look ugly.  I think it looks sort of doily-ish and Grandma like.  After all of our projects we got accomplished this past weekend, I changed my tune.   I think they look perfect in there!  Happy happy joy joy!  The curtains can stay!  Oh, and also on the to-do list is hemming the curtains (Ikea provides hemming tape with all of their curtains...score!).

What do you think?  Is it love at first sight for you, or do you need to see more of the room to make a final decision also?  I promise more pretty posts are coming up!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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  1. I personally think the curtains look great! The pink by itself would be way too bright and the pattern on the white one is nice and girly. Although, I have less girly experience than you so take that for what it's worth. =) Also, I like the tape idea, but I'm not sure I totally understand. Oh and my vote is for the plum/pink color tie-back.

  2. those curtains are just fabulous! what a great find! And i LOVE the color inside the closet!

  3. I have been following your progress on your room and I must say it looks lovely so far. I especially love your flooring! Might I make a small suggestion? Babies love to yank and pull on things and while a tiny infant won't pull on your curtains, in as little as one year she will be crawling and pulling up. I suggest you do NOT have floor length curtains in your babies' room.

  4. I cannot wait to see more of the room!

    I had some Ikea curtains in our nursery. I just ebayed them so I can try some more...but it took me three + months to figure out that I did not like them! Haha! I'm glad that you decided that these will work!

  5. i am a constant tweaker and very indecisive, so the fact that you kept going back and forth cracked me up. on my computer they look more red, still a fun combo, but definitely more red. i love watching this all come together!

  6. I love the look! I'm with Diana on her suggestion that you consider shortening them once the wee one gets to the crawling stage.

  7. I agree with Erin about using the pink tie backs. I also agree with Diana about the curtains though...didn't really think about it until she wrote it. Kaylyn never pulled on her floor length curtains, but more than likely, any normal kid would ;-)

  8. Everything is looking great. Pink/Purple tiebacks for sure!!

  9. Thanks so much for the suggestion Diane...I'll have to take that into consideration as she gets bigger!

    As I was going to throw away the package that the curtains came in, I noticed they already HAD the dark pink tiebacks with them! Less work = happy Kara!! If I wasn't pregnant, I probably would've noticed it before!

    Thanks for the curtain love gals!

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