Monday, February 21, 2011

Nursery Room : Finishing up the Floors

Oh, what a busy busy week it's been!

We actually have off today, thankfully, but before I start back at the nursery, I thought I'd share at least one post on our progress.

During the week last week, Chris and I put two coats of paint on the quarter round molding.  Thursday night, it was ready for installation!  Chris nailed the boards into place, and I went around and caulked in the nail holes and caulked the seam where the quarter round met the baseboard.  On Saturday, I gave all of it a nice shiny white coat of paint to blend it all in seamlessly, and we absolutely LOVE the end result!!

It really finishes off the floors perfectly and blends right in with the existing baseboards.

To those of you looking to do this yourself, we did go through two different types of quarter round molding to find the right one that would work.  The white oak quarter round molding from Lowe's wouldn't take paint, or even primer.  Everything just bubbled off of it and what did stick looked like it was smeared on instead of painted.  Those went back, and the normal pine ones came home with us.  These accepted paint MUCH  better so now they blend with the floors instead of having two different tones of whites against each other.

And do you notice the little snippet of something hanging from the window?!

Stay tuned to see exactly what it is!!  We've been busy in here!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Happy Monday!
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