Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold Florida Winter

Dear Weather,

I think you're confused. I know you've got a great big job to do with weathering the whole world and all, so I understand some mistakes every now and then, but this is the 2nd winter in a row. Which makes me think I should probably bring it to your attention.

I LIVE IN FLORIDA. The TAMPA BAY area of Florida to be exact. It is NOT supposed to get into the 20's at night, and we're most DEFINITELY not supposed to not get above something in the 40's during the day. I think maybe you're confusing us with some other state. The only thing I like to do in the cold in snowboard, and since Florida doesn't have mountains, I don't really want it to get cold enough to snow here.

This week is better than last, but it seems to be getting cold again, so I thought I'd throw out a little note. Maybe that'll help. Good luck with the rest of your weathering duties! Merry Christmas!

Kara Hart

Granted, this picture was taken two weekends ago, not this past weekend, but I still thought I'd share. This is how Chris and I sleep during the frigid Florida winters :

In our living room, snuggled up next to the fireplace.

Sorry for the picture quality, it was obviously dark when I took it!!  We actually moved the mattress a bit closer to the fire too...this was just all I could move it on my's heavy!  Kodi sleeps behind us in the living room because he doesn't like the cackling of the fire, but he enjoys the warmth too.

Most Florida houses aren't equipped to handle 20 degree weather, but ours is even worse.  We have no heat pump.  Last winter, the warmest we could get our house was 64 degrees, and our heating bill was RIDICULOUS, so we've just accepted the fact that we don't have heat and deal with what we do have!  We've actually got two space heaters that heat up our bedroom and office quite nicely, but there's something cozy about still moving our mattress out to the living room in the winter.  It's like we're camping cozily.  Just my style!

Hope everyone is staying warm this winter!  I know, I'm a baby when it comes to cold...but I was born and raised in Florida...the central florida area, on the coast.  I think high 60's is freezing during the day...40's?!  That's just crazy talk!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone has a great week!
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  1. I live in Minnesota - and thats how cold it is here! But isn't there something kind of fun about camping out in front of the fireplace..
    Also - I love what I can see of your coffee table in that picture!

  2. I'm loving the coffee table, too. And, I feel your pain--kind of. Last winter I wanted to escape the cold of upstate New York. When I checked the temperatures in the south, even Key West was not so hot! It's a real bummer when you can't find a warm place to vacation.

  3. My dearest Kara,

    Just a small suggestion. If you're going to take pics showing the part of the living room where your Florida panhandle redneck husband has yet to do something reasonable with the TV cable besides just drape it over the fireplace harth, you might want to turn the lights down even lower next time.


    (My apologies to everybody else from the Florida panhandle.)

    Oh ... and a second PS. Splurge and buy him a brown version of that TV cable for Christmas along with some brown duct tape. Trust me ... it'll make it look better and I'm betting even his MSEE degree hasn't made him forget how to use duct tape.

    Love you - Dad

  4. you must be freezing! my family who lives in lauderhill-yet originally from phila-can't handle weather that's in the 70s. that's ridiculous for florida weather! i hope your letter to winter did some good!


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