Friday, March 26, 2010

Whose Bed?!

Chris was out of town this week on a work trip, so Kodi and I were left to fend for ourselves. It was party time in the Hart household with Chris gone!!

I got to eat cereal for breakfast and occasionally lunch. Kodi got fed as soon as I got up instead of me getting coffee and a smoothie made for Chris. I could eat salad and fruit for dinner, and for dessert have more cereal. Ahh...the food life before being married!! Chris thinks I'd waste away if it weren't for him...

I don't sleep well without Chris next to me. Much to Chris's dismay some nights (I turn into an oven when I sleep...I think it's a woman thing), I have to have something touching him at all times throughout the night. So, to make up for Chris being gone, again, much to Chris's dismay, Kodi got to be the warm body next to me in bed. I told Chris he should be happy it's the dog!!!

...I think Kodi likes his Daddy being gone...he looks quite cozy!

We really did miss Chris. I'll take Chris and cooking 3 meals a day over him being gone any day!


  1. Fess up ... I'm bettin' Kodi smells a lot better than pan-handle boy.


  2. Some days, he certainly does!!! :-D


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