Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goofy Chris

Chris can, on occasion, be just as goofy as I am.

When we returned home from the ski trip, we had TWO Mr. Bill's waiting in the mail for us. Apparently, 2 of our mom's really don't like us too much. Kodi's love for Mr. Bill has only gotten stronger over the past few weeks, which means that I have learned to tune 'oooh nooo' out. Good thing we don't have kids!

We've moved our mattress to the living room to sleep by the fireplace until Florida starts realizing it's Florida and warming up. Our heater is dumb and doesn't include a heat pump with it (yep, dumb), so it doesn't work too well. The three of us camp out every night in the living room.

Last night, I was watching the end of American Idol when Chris finished his school stuff and got into bed with me. The guy on TV was singing "My Girl", and Chris and Kodi decided they wanted to serenade me with the song as well. While Chris pinned me down and sang the lyrics, Kodi chewed on Mr. Bill. Every time Kodi / Mr. Bill would say "ooohhh nooo", Chris would add into his song "ooohh yeeah". I think Kodi finally got tired of his own game though. By the end of the song, Mr. Bill was back in his toy bin and Kodi was sleeping on his bed next to ours, with his paws over his face...looking embarrassed at his Dad.

And to day we'll have for real kids!!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Are you going to blog about your cab ride home?! :-P hehehe

  2. The one and only ... DadMarch 6, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    I'll blog about the friggin' cab ride home ...


    ... sometime when I have a few hours.


  3. Cab ride from hell is best left unsaid...maybe I can erase it ever happening from my memory!!

    Yes Erin, we watch TV...just not a whole lot of it!!! Goof ball!!! :-P


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