Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wanna Be Sew-er

Do you ever come up with an idea in your head that you know is a bad one, but you just can't let go of it?  Yeah, happens to me all of the time.  I dream about my projects...literally, I'll wake up and jot down a sketch of some project or another that I want to do.  I'm weird, I know.

Let me start this post by saying I can't sew.  I can't bake, I can't sew, and Chris taught me how to iron.  I sound like a great catch, huh?  At least I have this blog to show that I can do a lot of things.  Well, it at least shows that I'm stubborn and ambitious enough to try almost anything.

And really, even though I can't do those things, it doesn't stop me from trying.  I just fail...again, and again, and again.  And then I try again thinking that maybe I've gotten better.  Which I haven't...

Anyways, there's a project-ish in here.  My newest niece, and the first on Chris's side, was coming over for the weekend.  She's 6 1/2 months younger than Kalia, so we thought it'd be cute to take pictures of them with matching outfits on.

Did I mention that I officially have a toddler now?  Kalia started walking about 3 weeks ago.  So taking pictures of a 4 month old and an active toddler who either wants to point out to her cousin where her eyes and ears are (by stabbing them or pulling them off) or play patty cake on the top of her head with her probably challenging enough.  But the night before they were scheduled to arrive, I decided I wanted to make them matching dresses.

I can't sew.

Oh, and I refuse to follow patterns when I do attempt to sew.  They use big words that I don't know what means, and I'm too impatient and give up by the time I've gotten to step 3, so I just don't use them.  Which is probably a huge reason why I can't sew (see my failed pillow attempts here - and yes, Kalia's pillows still look like that.  I don't think I'd do much better the next go round, so they're staying that way!).

But I have fabric that I really like and I wanted to make the girls cute dresses.

So I tried.  I took one of Kalia's dresses and added some length because they're always too short on her, and then made a smaller size.  I sewed the neck together once and the skirt part of the dress together once.  I don't have a seam ripper either, so I just started over again.

After a few hours, I came up with these dresses :

Cute, right?  I was so so so proud of these.  Because I can't sew...and I did, and I thought they looked sort of awesome, even though I didn't line them to finish them.  Meaning there is no hem or anything like that all the way around.  I mean, why do that if I had no idea if they were even going to work?!

Unfortunately I had to take them off of the hangers and put them on the girls.  Kalia's cousins dress fit Kalia, which means I obviously made them huge.  But I can't sew and there's no way I was attempting some sort of zipper or buttons or any of those other fancy things, so I just made them a little bit big.  I probably made an 18 month old size and a 4T size.  For an almost 11 month old and a 4 1/2 month old.  I'm a genius.  We took some bobby pins and pinned up the straps and that pretty much fixed the problem.  'Cept Kalia wouldn't stay still, so her bobby pins kept coming out.

Daddy attempting to put back in Kalia's bobby pins.
And then we waited until the girls were nice and tired and hungry and stuck them outside in the heat and told them to smile.

At least Kalia's cousin listened.  This was actually round two of pictures, but round one with the dresses.  Kalia tried to beat up her cousin a little too much on round one, so we had the Daddy's stand in for this go round.

Afterwards, I attempted to get some shots of Kalia with her dress on.  She doesn't really sit still for very long, so it was sort of impossible.

back with the straps pinned
Kalia : "peace on out Mommy and Daddy, this sitting still for photos stuff is for the birds!"
Oh well, if nothing else I tried.  They looked like they'd be successful on the hangers, right??

The funny part about it is that I already have an idea for something else to make.  With my non-sewing skills.  What is wrong with me??

I think it's because if you tell me I can't do something, I'll try to prove you wrong.  So apparently I'm trying to prove myself wrong.  I'm failing.  Does that mean I'm wrong or I'm right when I say I can't sew?

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
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  1. i think it is great that you are sewing! keep going you will only get better! something i made for a little one in my life is ruffled diaper covers for under dresses (picture here: --- that would be super easy to practice on. just sew ruffles and or trim onto prepurchased diaper covers and bonus is the stitches are hidden so you don't have to worry about sewing straight! and perhaps you could try your next dress in a stretchy fabric? then you don't have to worry about fit as much.

  2. OOh or one of those cute pillowcase dresses!

  3. I'm enjoying reading your posts again! I'm not sure how you find the time to do all you do. . .but it's great for us, your readers :) Your daughter is just beautiful and it sounds like she has a great personality too. Thanks for sharing your sewing experience. . .yet another thing I wish I could do but every time I have attempted sewing I have had to have my hand held the entire way along. Sigh. Luckily I have a MIL who likes to do these things for me -- ha! Happy week to you and your little family.

  4. Bonnie, the pillowcase dress is a great idea, as well as the stretchy fabric. Maybe when I start speaking to my sewing machine again, I'll attempt it with stretchy fabric. Those ruffled diaper covers are super cute!

    Jenni - haha, me neither, but I feel better once I do stuff, so I just keep doing. I should probably just give up sewing, but I have all of these ideas!! :-) Happy week to you and your family as well, thanks for stopping by!


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